How to generate unlimited ideas for your business
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
How to generate unlimited ideas for your business
May 30, 2021
In this episode, we talk about where our thoughts come from and how to get unlimited ideas.
Have you ever wondered where our ideas come from? So I actually had a friend. This was a really good friend growing up. However, we don't hang out anymore. I mean if he still needed my help I would definitely be there for him. But we just kind of grew apart and one of the reasons we grew apart is we just think differently. And I remember the last time that I was hanging out with him, he was trying to convince me that there is a god because if there was not a god, then where do our thoughts come from? And that was that was his reasoning behind why there was a god because he believes that his thoughts originate from this supernatural being. 

So for me, this was actually an incredible answer because I feel like I know where my thoughts come from and today I am going to explain where I believe our thoughts come from and why are thoughts aren't actually exclusive and how I get unlimited ideas. And this podcast was actually inspired by a conversation I had with a friend who was asking me, how do I maintain this daily podcast? How do I keep up with my source of inspiration? So, I am going to reveal all those secrets today. So here's where I believe our thoughts come from. 

First of all, the first thing to realize is our thoughts are not exclusive, and the reason they're not exclusive is because we synthesize thoughts based on the reality around us. And if many of us are sharing many of the same archetypes from reality, we're going to eventually synthesize very similar thoughts. I'll give you an example, coming to Tulum for example. Tulum, it's really difficult to find a co-working space. It's really difficult to find a place with reliable wifi. 

So there's a lot of digital nomads that come here, and it's an obvious pain point. And as a digital nomad, you've been to other coworking centers, obviously, right, like this is something that other digital nomads do. I guess if you understand what it is, it'll no matter is, they go to these coworking centers, so if they're going to come to Tulum and they're going to say, oh, there's this problem, there's this need, then the obvious answer, the obvious idea that they're going to eventually come up with is there needs to be a coworking center in Tulum and maybe if they're entrepreneurial, they will decide that they want to start one up. 

But the thing is this thought, this idea is not exclusive; every single digital nomad that experiences this problem and comes to Tulum that will have had experience going to a coworking center in the past, will think the same thing. So, these thoughts aren't exclusive. The way that we actually come up with these ideas is based on the inputs that we already have, based on our experiences, our life experiences, what we've already seen, what we've heard, what we've been told. All of these things help us synthesize an idea or a thought or a visualization. But essentially synthesis based off of inputs that we've seen in the past. 

And I guess this is like why some people are so intrigued with LSD or mushrooms because it messes with the way that you synthesize thoughts and it and it kind of like allows you to access different parts that you wouldn't have thought about. So when you have a really good idea, like a genius idea, typically what is happening is you are putting two different thoughts together that someone else hasn't really vocalized yet. So again, thoughts aren't exclusive. I'm pretty sure there's maybe a million other people that have had this thought, but if you are a 6% entrepreneur and you have this thought, you are definitely executing and and that's why you are super special. 

But the point is thoughts, ideas, they're not exclusive. What we're doing is we're just taking all these other inputs from around us, and we're synthesizing together to form new thoughts and new ideas. So how do I come up with unlimited ideas? Well, there's the answer right there, right. If our ideas are coming from the inputs that are around us, well, as one person, it's really difficult for me to be stimulated constantly by several different inputs for me to constantly come up with new ideas and have these sources of inspiration. 

So what I do is I try to maximize the ability for me to soak in other people's experiences and their ideas and their thoughts for me to add it with my own, so I can synthesize new information. And I don't know if you hear that goat in the background or something, but I think there's like a goat in the neighborhood, which is really weird, or a chicken or something. Anyway, I'm kind of losing my train of thought. 

So what I do when I want to maximize my experiences and get more input so I can synthesize better ideas or more ideas or more thoughts, I talk to other people, and when I talk to other people, conversations that we have questions that other people ask or answers that they might give me is inspiration for a new topic or a new idea, just like this podcast was, it was inspired from a conversation. From a podcast from a friend who was asking me like how do I come up with unlimited ideas for these podcasts, and it's increasing these inputs. 

So talking to people Is one of them. And another way is if you don't have people around you is to read a lot of books. So I personally read one book a week, I try to read more than that if I can, and whenever I read a book, if I ever feel stuck, if I ever feel like I have some kind of block, I have some kind of hurdle where I can't get over to the next step, I feel uninspired and I need to do something else to be able to grow. Then a book is an amazing thing because you can start tapping into other people's thoughts, other people's ideas, other people's perspectives and see how they think and how they feel. And then you combine those with yours, and you will start creating brand new ideas and you'll have your own perspective, right? You'll have your own perspective, you'll have your own idea, you'll have your own experiences that will shape your own thoughts, and this is very important content, or if you use that to actually build something, etcetera, whatever you're using it for, it's inspiration that helps you create new information. 

So this is where I get or how I get unlimited information for my podcast. I just go around and I talk to people and I read a lot and doing this helps me think about things in different ways and I create content around that. So here's another example of how an input could be turned into a thought. I can actually plug a thought directly into your head, and I can do this without being God. And the way that I would do it is I can just tell you: 'Imagine a green apple floating in the air'... and guess what? You're going to imagine a green apple floating in the air. And not only are you imagining this green apple floating in the air? Maybe you have some related thoughts. Maybe you thought about a time when you ate a green apple and where you were and how it tasted and something. It really depends on what senses you use to make most of the sense of the world. 

Or maybe you imagined that painting that they had in the Thomas Crown affair that it was as Son of Man by Rene Magritte, the one that's floating in front of that guy's head where he's wearing like a bowler hat. Maybe you thought of something like that. Maybe you thought of, I don't know, it's just something else that's related. So this input that you just heard from this podcast, this imagination, you were able to think something that you probably wouldn't have been thinking about had you not had this input come to you. So if you want unlimited sources of information, you just get more meaningful input that will help you do this. So you can start connecting it with other thoughts that you have and start synthesizing new ideas. I hope that helps Robin Copernicus. Boom bam. I'm out. 

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