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#175: How To Actually IMPLEMENT What You Read & Connect With The Authors You Look Up To… w/ Nick Hutchison
February 20, 2024
Fun fact: My first job out of college was running the marketing for a company that taught accelerated learning techniques. With over 250,000 students, our courses helped countless people read faster & remember more… But here’s the thing: There’s a BIG difference between reading faster and actually IMPLEMENTING what you learn. That’s where today’s guest comes in. Nick Hutchison is the founder of BookThinkers. In just over 7 years, he has cultivated a platform reaching over 1,000,000 people monthly and his newest book, Rise Of The Reader, specifically focuses on helping people APPLY the incredible wisdom in books. Here are 3 things to look forward to in today’s episode: 1. Discover how Nick uses tattoos as "play bigger triggers" to reinforce positive behaviors and how YOU can tap into this unconventional source of motivation. 2. How to shift from reading books to eventually learning directly from the authors. Nick shares his insights that have empowered him to connect with BIG players (Nick has interviewed people like Brian Tracy, Peter Diamandis, Ryan Holiday, and Evan Carmichael, to name a few) 3. Nick’s “Time Capsule” strategy to help you radically increase your gratitude and appreciation for life. (I’m committing to doing this in all of 2024) To learn more about Nick, visit