Optimize Profitability
Episode 3 - Learning To Pivot When Troubles Hit with Patricia Daiker
August 11, 2020
How can business be like a triage? Learn from Patricia, a former nurse, how you can grow your business, or start a business even when tough times hit. Learning to pivot in business is a crucial skill because business is not stationary. As entrepreneurs, we must continually adjust and grow our business. There are lots of business tips and training packed into this simple 20 minute episode. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast so you don't miss any of our weekly podcasts. Optimize Profitability Podcast is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to optimize their life and their business. Join the entrepreneur journey as we share the ups and downs of being in business. Listen in for business tips and actionable items you can do this week to optimize your business. These 20 minute segments will highlight topics like marketing, media, life hacks, business skills, business tools and tips. Hosts: Lyle Leads and Patricia Daiker Executive Producer: Matthew Zamutt