The Recovering Entrepreneur Show
Do The Work And You Get The Result!
January 8, 2021
This show serves a few purposes and we are glad you are here! The first is to document Bobbie's journey through the early parts of her entrepreneurial adventure. The second is to share and promote the fabulous people she is meeting along the way. So many people are working hard to change the world, each in their own special way and I want to share that with you! Hopefully, you will learn some new things as we go along!
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Just a short update for today. In this episode, I discussed the stats of buzzsprout. The platform that I am using for the podcast of my first company, the 321 No Kiddin.

I'm very excited and proud and wanted to share with you that I belonged to the top 5 podcaster for gambling awareness!

If you're struggling with confidence, moving needles, these are the things that I want you to take that away and think about from this episode.

Thank God it's Friday! Have a great day ahead!

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