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240. Book Your NEXT Bicycle Tour with MAGIC PLACES CYCLING ADVENTURES | Matt Barlee
June 13, 2022
Who doesn't love a good Bicycle Tour? Talking to Matt makes me want to book one right away. Not only does his company book and organize bicycle tours all around the world he will customize one for you if there's a location you'd like to visit and ride. Good friends of mine Heidi & Ron are actual bicycle tour guides for Magic Places Cycle Adventures, so it's amazing ;o)

Instagram: @magicplacescycling
Facebook: Magic Places - Cycling Adventures
Twitter: @MagicPlacesCA

Matt  BARLEE– Magic Places Cycling Tours

A 24-year career as an officer in the Canadian Air Force was the likely cause of his love of travel and adventure, as he had opportunities to fly airplanes all over the world, climb Himalayan peaks, and race bicycles for Team Canada. 

IN 2014 he purchased MAGIC CYCLING ADVENTURES literally living my dream of building a company that improves clients' lives, both physically and emotionally, provides my guides with the opportunities to lead active, adventurous lives, and give back to the community and charities. I'm building a company that my kids are proud of. There's no greater testament

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