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186. nrbi Cargo Bikes In Toronto with Dave Edwards
February 7, 2022
In this episode, you will learn from Dave Edward how he became a part-owner of the Toronto-based Cargo-Bike company nrbi (near by) and how these cargo bikes are taking over local deliveries. It's the wave of the future!

Meet Dave Edwards Partner of nrbi.
nrbi provides zero carbon delivery solutions for local businesses. Using high-capacity electric cargo bikes, nrbi executes B2B and B2C transportation. We are passionate about providing state of the art logistics solutions to local businesses while making our city more liveable
Prior to working with nrbi, I spent 20 years at TD Bank, the last six in retail operations. Last spring, I made the decision to leave the corporate world and find a way into the cycling industry as a second career.  I pursued a few different ideas before coming across the work being already being done by my current partners with nrbi, Ivan Waissbluth and Nick Gaganarias.  I initially joined nrbi as a part-time cargo bike rider before moving into an ownership position.
Aside from my work with nrbi, I run numerous cycling-related social media accounts that focus on advocacy and urban cycling. While my love of cycling originates from what I would call "Dutch style urban cycling" and cargo bikes, I purchased my first drop bar bike last winter and quickly fell in love with gravel and road cycling. I am also a loyal volunteer for The Bike Brigade

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