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#142: How To Become A More Compassionate Communicator With Yourself & Others w/ Laura Jack
July 4, 2023
You know how sometimes that “voice” in your head isn’t that… nice? - Maybe you compare yourself to others… - Maybe you had a bad experience that turned into a negative story that plays in a loop… - Maybe you “should” all over yourself… Here’s why I’m bringing it up: Today’s guest is my good friend, Laura Jack. She’s the founder of the Compassion Code Academy. And as the name suggests, all of her content is centered around how to have more compassionate communication… both with yourself and others. So if you’re like many of the entrepreneur friends that I have that are very hard on themselves… this episode is for you. Not only will you learn how to transform negative narratives causing you to be unhappy, but you’ll also learn how to transform the relationships around you. To learn more about Laura, visit