How to kickoff brainstorming with the McDonalds idea
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How to kickoff brainstorming with the McDonalds idea
April 13, 2021
In this episode, we talk about a great tool to help you in your brainstorming efforts.
Hey, So today we're gonna be talking about the McDonald's idea and what is the McDonald's idea? It is a tool to help you in your brainstorming efforts and this is how it works. Imagine that you are on your lunch break with your colleagues, your workmates, your, your lunch friends, whoever these people might be and you're in your car and you're trying to decide where to go eat and no one has any suggestions. 

So you might say, "Hey, what do you guys want to go eat?" And people are just drawing blanks. No one wants to be the first one to suggest anything. What you do in this situation is you throw out the worst possible idea. And when you throw out the worst possible idea, what's going to happen is people will start saying, no, I don't like that idea and then they will start suggesting their own ideas.

So in this case, the worst possible idea you can say is, "Hey, let's go to McDonald's". And as soon as you say, McDonald's, like people like, I don't want to go to McDonald's, McDonald's is cheap, McDonald's isn't healthy. So for people that are living outside the States, Mcdonald's is not really looked at as one of the healthier or more luxurious options. It's usually something that you go to as a drastic last resort. It's not usually your first option. 

So when you throw out this worst possible option idea, what happens is it starts building momentum for these other ideas. So instead of trying to come up with the best possible idea, just throw out the worst possible idea out there. This is the McDonald's idea and what you're gonna find is it will start building out momentum for people to start timing in with our own ideas and it's a great brainstorming tool just to start getting your ideas out there instead of everyone just drawing blanks. This is the McDonald's idea, I hope this helps you with your brainstorming, and boom, bam, I'm out.

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