Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#151: Former Olympic Festival Gold Medalist & U.S. Open Champion Pro Volleyball Player Shares His Journey of Going Pro & Creating World-Class Experiences w/ Albert Hannemann
September 5, 2023
Man oh man, today is a FUN episode! Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Albert "AL-B" Hannemann, a former Olympic Festival Gold Medalist, U.S. Open Champion, and pro volleyball player turned entrepreneur. We dive into the heights of his pro sport career… to becoming the mastermind behind world-class events. You’ll learn: - How Ralph, a red bandana-wearing volleyball player, changed the course of Albert's life forever - How to get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable - How Al-B made the leap from the court to entrepreneurship & creating awe-inspiring events, including the 2022 MVP Kickoff Party, which attracted 669,150,000 Total Media Impressions and featured appearances by none other than Lil John and Guy Fieri! To learn more about Al-B, visit