OSHA Update June 2021
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
OSHA Update June 2021
June 14, 2021
In this episode, Sheldon goes over the current OSHA initiatives including COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard, Vaccination, Injury and Illness Prevention Program, Joe Biden Administration and OSHA's future, and other updates to US OSHA.
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[00:00:13] spk_0: Yeah. Welcome to the safety consultant podcast. I am your host, Sheldon Promise. This is a podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant. So welcome to Yeah, it's for now. The second week in june years gone by quickly, man. I can't believe it's just so much in this short amount of time. We're already six months into the year and we're, I believe at the six month mark in the biden administration. So that means there's been some changes and some of the changes is in OSHA. So we're gonna do an OSHA compliance help show today. We're gonna talk about some of those changes were gonna really go over what these changes mean to you as one thing. But then the other thing we're going to go over is what is the future of OSHA look like? So we're going to break this conversation into those two things. Yeah, that's how we're going to address today's episode. All right. so it's just you and I like old school old time. So I'm really gonna dig into um or over you can't really dig into anything. So we're just going to give you a nice little over you let you know that this is what's happening with OSHA. If you are a U. S. Based safety professional and you've been thinking about becoming a safety consultant do it now. Get in now because OSHA is making some big changes so get in now. And the reason why I want to say get in now is because you want your business in three years from now when OSHA is really really turning it up because it'll be either going towards the end of the biden presidency or it could be another year of it then at that point you want to at least have two years of you being a consultant in that time frame. So this is the time for you to go ahead. Get your L. C. Or s corp whatever you want to do, get your safety consultant business, go to the safety consultant blueprint which is safety consultant blueprint dot com. I still have that even though I haven't mentioned it much but I do have that do the same because often blueprint course and go ahead do your best man. Get out of there, get ready. Oh so I would be just means the name. So truly we could get into this one. So let's go ahead and talk about this one. Alright first and foremost we're looking for OSHA to actually get ahead again. So the last time OSHA was I guess headed or OSHA had its own um leader that was dedicated to the heading of OSHA was with Dr Michaels. So when uh dr Michaels was uh working in the Obama administration after he left, just like every other time each administration will bring their own people. So he leaves uh the trump administration. They picked scott Magno to head. OSHA Never confirmed by the Senate and he was nominated in 2017. So from 2017 from the nomination. So here we go. 2016 is when yeah we're actually say you know, had the election. So January, february. Maybe I can't tell on the news report when this thing was. But uh but that's when the nomination happened for scott Magno. And after that I think it was three actual meetings of the Senate help committee H. E. L. P. And still nothing. So poor man was left to hang to dry and no kind of information given because they just didn't vote. So now doug parker who used to be the administrator for cal OSHA, he's nominated And this was an April nine. So therefore according to history with nominations, President Obama nominated Dr. in April nine. Uh excuse me in july 29 28th, where uh President biden nominates uh doc Parker april 9th. So that means oceans on his mind. That's one of the things that I will keep pointing out throughout this whole little session will do is you could see signs that President biden is a Labour president. So you're going to see wording on this just kind of throughout this whole presentation? All right, So that's the first thing. So we're going to be looking for any news on the help committee from the Senate. And it has whenever you see that, just kind of tune into that, because that's gonna probably be where you're going to see the first news of OSHA having its new director, there's still an acting person in the position and uh, very active in the SSP was this individual as well. So therefore you will have someone who understands the workers and their needs. So that is, you know, first and foremost who's in charge us had to start the head, right. So once you do start at the head, then you can work your way down. So acting right now for OSHA is James fredrick. Last OSHA compliance sculpture I did with you guys. I also mentioned that there was a new position out there too. So you could see on OSHA's organizational chart that there are, uh, some positions out. Mhm, mm hmm. I just checked the OSHA website just in case to make sure I was getting all my information rate. They made a new change. They actually took out a position they just put in, This is interesting to me because the position that they just put in was a staff position and the staff position was a deputy Assistant secretary. But this one was specific to pandemics and that's it. So OSHA took that out, I'm not sure why. So I kind of figured that one out. So hey, look at this as I'm doing the podcast and they did have a research things that I did, but I just had a thought as I was talking this out and I was like, let me go go and look at this thought to see if it's still the case. Yeah, So this was real time for me, but for you guys listening to podcasts, obviously podcast by nature aren't real time because they're not live streaming. Uh but anyway, be very, very interesting. So I'm going to have to look into that one, see what happened. And uh, and they do say in the organizational chart, if you could, OSHA dot Gov, you click on about OSHA, you go scroll down kind of halfway, you'll see the organizational chart, you click on that and do not be doing this if you're driving, that's the, that's the standing rule. If I give anybody resources to look up anything standing rule for this show is don't do it now when you're driving, you know, trying to squeeze it in at the light, wait till you get home, listen to this episode all the way through and just take mental notes. Then when you go back in your, in your office or your at home, then listen to it again and that's why you should describe. So, anybody who's listening right now do one thing for me, this is just your way of thanking me whatever you're listening to you right now hit the actual subscribe button and become a subscriber of this podcast. It means a lot to me. I see that data. So if you are kidding that button right now, when it's safe to do it, that is going to be excellent for me. And thank you. Thank you. So, that's my long winded way of saying, don't do this research hunt while you're driving. All right. Do that when you're at home. So that's where you're going to get this information. And actually even saying, um, the assistant Secretary of for OSHA Doug Parker nominated James fredrick. Acting so that's warning that I have not seen in this before. Okay. So, uh huh. Even that has changed. All right. So that's one thing we talked about the leadership. The other thing that I mentioned last time I did the Ocean compliance help show people Was the actual national emphasis program for COVID-19. I'm hoping I'm not mistaken me doing the Ocean compliance Help show on my live streams every, um, it's either Wednesday or thursday at six p.m. and you can listen to that once you connect with me on linkedin. So that's linkedin dot com back slash and backslash Sheldon Prime is, so I'm not too sure if I was talking to the usher compliance help audience or if I was talking to you guys here on the podcast audience, There is a national emphasis program for COVID-19 that's new with OSHA. Right? So they went through and they truly started to Dig into if we're going to comply, if we're going to do inspections on COVID-19, how would these inspections look? So that's what you're looking at over there. That is the, uh, give the long and short of it for this one. So if we're doing inspections how is this inspection is going to work? How are they gonna look what you're gonna do right now? It would be in again standing real. You know what I mean? But what you're gonna do right now is go to OSHA dot gov and right in the front you're going to see the actual or I should say right on the home screen you're going to see where you can get to the national emphasis program, click on that. It's 35 pages. I don't know that's my limit. Anything in the twenties I might print myself anything that is like no let's say 30 I'm not going to print down but this one's 35. I'm gonna actually gonna I might print that at home. If not I'm going to go to you know, someplace else, get that printed. You don't want to waste that. That ain't great. So that's where you have about 35 pages go through it and highline it. This is OSHA's playbook. So if you wanted to understand what that compliance and enforcement activity looks like, this is the document. All right. The next thing we're going to look for and this is again a COVID-19 thing you're with, OSHA. They came out with a emergency temporary standard. This is the thing that was directed to them to do by President biden in an executive order. So what did he um he basically said this, OSHA, you need to do a self assessment of how you are interacting or how are you doing with the actual covid 19 for protecting workers? OSHA only has jurisdiction over employer employee relationships. Mhm. So once OSHA did Oh yeah. And then the other parties at your direction, direction or was directive? Excuse me. Was if you find that you need an emergency temporary standard, you must do it by this certain date. The date has come and gone and no, she was still kind of going through it and they didn't know what to do. And then the vaccines showed up and now our whole lives have changed. So what OSHA had done, they still did the emergency temporary standard. But they actually did it only for any of the healthcare industries. Therefore, this initiative is in 1910, which is General Industries of Section General Industries. Um uh part Okay. Subpart you So we have a new sub part in General Industry. Subpart you they have a full preamble of this law. And what a preamble is is a ruling is it's a pathway, let's say it that way. It's the pathway of how something becomes a law and through any means. So basically, it's uh, here's the proposed rule. Open comment period after you get all those things, put them together, you make whatever tweaks me too. Okay, here is the updated proposed rule. Okay. This is all going to be posted in the federal register when we're all done with this stuff and then it becomes a law. All right. In that process, all the meetings gets housed somewhere. There's documents of those meetings. So that is coming in the preamble, XYZ, basically where this is housed. So you will see on the OSHA Covid 19 page that they have even wording that says, you can get the full preamble to the standards. I always say read the preamble. So you can understand each and every rule for its intent. So that's that's what I would say on this one. All right. The other thing that you're going to see over here is um I would look at the fact that sheet. There's a nice little fact sheet that goes with this COVID-19. Support you. I'm only going to give you the headings on the fact sheets and just a little little notes. It's only three pages. So it's really easy for you guys to print this one. You know me and printing, you have to be frugal because I'm my own boss. I'm everything. I'm the printer. I'm the I'm everything. I'm uh you know, yeah, you guys listen to me. You know what, you gotta do, what you gotta do your marketing, you gotta do your budgeting, you got to do everything. So therefore me and my printing, right, this is only three pages. I can print this one. It's not bad at all. So section five oh. So it's it's actually housed in subpart you which is going to start with the section 500. So section 502 is telling you what is health care. So it kind of defines that for you. So here is health care, okay? Except as otherwise provided in the standard meaning somewhere in the standard. Uh, they're gonna to uh apply all the settings where employees provide healthcare standards. Excuse me, health care services or healthcare support services. This is immediately uh in effect upon publication in the Federal Register is the wording they say here And then the employer has 14 days to comply with the most with most of these provisions. It is tight window over here. So that means if you have this expertise and your consultant get out there and like now, I mean start making phone calls, start making linkedin connections. You want to really get up in there and you want to get like actively working on getting some people some covid plans. That's one of the things you're gonna be working on. It's in here and then any other thing that's going to help them stay compliant with the new support you in health care. So they have the driver. If you're working in any other industry, they don't have the same drivers healthcare. So you may be hit and miss with people who want to COVID-19 plan a safety and health plan but you go to healthcare now you got yourself something pretty good. All right. So that is five or 2. A covid plan is mentioned over here and having to develop one of those. You need patient screening and management. You have to have transmission standard and transmission based precautions. So meaning the precautions isn't for the person that is um they're saying that you want to you want to interact with this this disease early during this virus Early because it's the SARS ring. So you want to interact with this thing early. So that's why they're talking about preventative measures. Therefore the standard and transmission based precautions, Those two things are supposed to be actively working together for you too. End up complying with this new subpart you. Mhm. Uh They do have some requirements or I should say some of the things that might actually make people mad. I don't know. But here is what it says. The following requirement for removing employees from the workplace, meaning if someone has tested positive for Covid now you need to remove them physically from a workplace meaning they may not even be symptomatic, they just test positive. So in this case someone asymptomatic and test positive oceans telling you you need to do this, Employers with more than 10 employees. So that's already a size exemption, provide medical removal protection benefits in accordance to the standard for workers to workers who must isolate or quarantine. So this standard is now saying it actually has some provisions for removing people. So there's always medical removal scenarios with medical removal scenarios that it has recordkeeping. Um a little uh it's a trickle down effect or a domino effect of that. And OSHA already said for vaccines, which is the next thing they talked him out, vaccines provide our shoes, a vaccination that's the heading, provide reasonable time and paid leave for vaccinations and vaccine side effects. So OSHA had already said if anyone has side effects from vaccinations that is going to affect them at work, that is going to be an exception from the record keeping rule. So apparently they may be significant enough people that are feeling uh, these ill effects of after vaccination. I myself, after I got my second dose right about the second day mark, I was starting to feel a little bit. And uh, for me, for me it's week because I'm constantly working and constantly doing stuff. So I truly, I can't miss the date off. I, yeah, I work for myself. Right? So you're your own boss? So I had a couple of days where I was like, yeah, just crashed. And that was my side effects. If I was working, I would have called it 100%. I would not been able to go in. My sister complete flu symptoms for about two days. And I know several people that have that as well. It depends. I'm not saying that to deter you from the vaccine. I'm seeing the vaccine is being a savior for everyone. I feel everyone should get it. Just be if you have religious things against vaccine, obviously you can't go against what, you know, vaccination going to hell okay. If that's your belief system, that's a no brainer. You don't get vaccinated, you, you save your soul. But I mean outside of that and it is truly something that is going to be personal. I understand that and I don't want to be tongue in cheek about it too much. Well, because that's who I am. But generally speaking, when I'm going to just say is it is beneficial to get vaccinated and there's new reporting and I don't have this. So look it up and send it to me. So you guys could be my eyes and ears, but Mhm. They're saying with the vaccine in particular and now this is a little outside of the ocean appliance. But people who have had Covid and got vaccinated may not need a booster. And we're seeing me because obviously it's been too short. They can't tell you yet. But what they're saying is people like me who didn't have Covid before, but they got vaccinated, then I may need a booster. So that is one of the things that may be coming up. So truly, you know, who knows? Because now if OSHA is telling you to and it's not a must here, it's saying that you should provide reasonable time, paid leave for vaccination and vaccine side effects. They also mentioned in here about encouraging people to get vaccinated. So OSHA is truly going to do their best to make sure that they're going to get the workforce whoever can is vaccinated as quickly as possible. All the thing in the standards that they're looking for and it's going to be in section five oh four. Uh many respiratory uh many respiratory protection program. So this one is another one. I have not looked at this standard. Um I'm still kind of digging into it a little so I'm not too sure what that means yet. So I'll just be straight up with you. It just tells me it's like a writer to uh support. I I don't know honestly. I really need to check that one out severity. And section five or five says provides that each section of support you and each provision within these sections is separate and so uh available from the other sections and provision meaning get fined. If you do, you're gonna get fined as each different one separate. So you could violate 504 many respiratory protection and violate uh the incorporation by references which is C. D. C. Which is section 509 Alright you're going to get a citation on the five or four violation. A section on 509 violation. Like usual they just have to put the wording in there. Mhm. Uh Incorporation by reference, they added this in section 509 Normally incorporation by reference, you'll see kind of like woven in and you'll see it like a as a footnote somewhere or if you go to section six in 1926 or section six in 1910, that's a whole section of incorporation by reference. So now in section 509 here in 1910 seems so weird. And he already saying that I got a whole new south park to learn. It's wild. All right, so 509 in 1910 that is dedicated incorporation by reference material for this um emergency temporary standard for the parts that are referenced by the C. D. C. So now if you are gonna actually stay ahead of this, keep up with the CDC. So now you can see CDCs updates on any kind of protection needed, you know? So she is going to go ahead and they're going to incorporate that by reference. So um to stop yourself from a time delay, go ahead and go to the source. So do CDCs newsletter. Do a little google alert in your calendar that says every couple of days I need to check out the CDC website or you need to put a keyword and google alert that is going to say CDC covid guidelines and have that come to you every day. Now you'll be on top of that. They talk about in the standard PPE they talk about aerosol generating procedures. On a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Talk about physical distancing, cleaning and disinfection They took about ventilation, health screening and then they also give recordkeeping requirements. Also in here talking about a new record keeping log. COVID-19 log if you have more than 10 employees so you've got more record keeping and it says report work related covid 19 fatalities in patient hospitalizations to OSHA. So those are things that they've been talking about before. You'll see that in the emergency national standards. So that's a good one. And then OSHA updated their mitigating and preventing the spread of covid 19 guideline. So this guideline originally came out in january. Now it's been updated to include some of the things that they have learned about vaccination and um vaccination or excuse me vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Mhm. It is actually pretty good. So they are going with the CDC guidelines about um vaccinated people. Being able to go back to normal, no masks just hanging out unless you want to put on your mask for certain things. That's up to you, Which is good. Uh I'm still weirded out by it folks. I've been vaccinated for about a month now and I'm kind of like it. I don't wear my mask here. Well, first and foremost, when I'm going into the store, I look and see her on their door. What's their policy? And I went to my local supermarket here and I'm seeing 5050 weight mass. There was nothing on the door. So when I was checking out and with my mask on, I asked uh check out, lady cashier lost the word there. I said, what's your policy on mask? Because before it was a big sign on the door that says, you know, messengers we weren't here. Mm hmm. If you have been vaccinated, we're going to go with the CDC guidelines on I guess take off my mask. Right there guys like all right, let's do this. So I have to get used to them. Which is still good. I'm still going to protect myself. I'm gonna doctor's office or if there's a high viral load that I perceived to be a high viral load, right? I'm not going to be a dummy. But other than that, I think I'm going to be good for now until my booster then I probably have to, I can't remember what they say that need a booster will. But anyway, Back to this one, OSHA in this guidance is truly telling you how to work safely with vaccinated and unvaccinated workers. Uh, they have working on close contact and that is an actual legal term, nail uh legal defensible term. So when you do see the close contact is coming from C. D. C. We'll have to go over to the C. D. C. And their guidance is this. So the CBC guidance and close contact. And I went over this before for you. But let's do it one more time. Someone who has been within six ft of an infected person. That means laboratory confirmed for a cumulative a cumulative total of 15 minutes Or more over a 24 hour period for example Three individuals five minutes or excuse me? Three individuals five minutes exposed for a total of 15 minutes a day. Yeah that's what they mean by the 24 hour time period most people come on their co workers. Are you going to be exposed to them more than 15 minutes a day? So that is one of the guidelines. And then later on they tell you about when you could discontinue home isolation. So oh, she's going to use the same warning in here. So that's what I'm telling you guys really need to if you haven't yet. I'm not going to say you did. I don't know. But you truly should start looking into that. The other thing of note, I'm gonna just do this one as quickly as possible because I don't want to take a whole bunch of time today because there's so much to dig in. And I'm like digging into one big thing. We talked about Covid 19 and OSHA for most of the episode because oh, she's been talking a lot about it. So what I'm gonna do right now is we're going to go over. The last thing that I think you should really, really be careful of or at least be aware of for OSHA. And this is the future future of OSHA. So I say future meaning budget year. So I'm going to predict the budget year. Mhm. And it's coming right from the budget of OSHA. So I'm not like a like a savant in any way, but this is the budget of OSHA. So when I used to do these for um like three years during the trump administration or two years during the trump administration, I did a SSP presentation and it was called the Future of OSHA the donald trump era some working on a novel and future of I share the biden there. Don't steal my name, that's my name. They get it. All right. So here is uh some things to be looking for. OSHA is going to increase a lot of their funding. So here is a submarine and this is funding from all kinds of areas. All right. So the summary is this safety standards and health and this is coming directly from the budget. So in 2020 it was um I'll give you guys two things. One will be the amount in full time equivalent hours. That means if you have any activity to do uh they're uh blocking it. And if there was one person doing this job eight hours a day until it's complete how many full time equivalent hours with this take. So that's what you'll see for FTE. Mhm. FP the F T. E for safety and health standards, meaning creating safety and health standards or getting safety and health standards that are actually in the book to get those things out of the proposed real stage to the final real stage. So, the FTS 67 and 20 2065 in 2021. In 2022, coming next year, they're going to 95. FTE S. It was 18 while this is in dollar figures. Or excuse me, how you see it listed? They'll say listed in thousands. So, it says to me, I'm seeing 18,000. I need to add two zeros to that one. So, it would be like 1.8 million. So, it's looking at 1.8 for 2021.8 for 2021. They are now going into 284 Billion. So, they're increasing the full time equivalent hours by 30. And not only they doing that, They're also going to increase the amount by an additional $10 million. It looks like. Uh So, if I'm reading my zeros, right, let me go to zeros over 12 Any two Zeros there. All right, so, it's 1.1 million. So, I had one too many zeros over. So, I'm going to tell you the dollar figures here on the chart, just know that the dollar figures I'm mentioning Multiply that by a 1000 and uh and that's really going to get you there. So let's let's do it that way. So, I don't have to do any kind of conversion in my head. Okay. Mhm. Alright. The next thing that is on this list will be federal enforcement funding. So, for the federal funding, what they have here? Yes, they definitely are going to have you guys thinking about uh the enforcement side. So, I got a little distracted there, forgive me. Uh So, the enforcement side is going to be from 2020 1300 FTE s uh 13 oh four. Actually 2021 13 38 full time equivalent hours for enforcements. And then for 2022, it's gonna go up to 1545 full time equivalent hours. And then the dollar figure has also went up significantly. So OSHA increased the full time equivalent hours by 207. Then also in thousands, they have 25,923 listed here as increased money for this Whistleblower Program. They're increasing map by 63 full FTS States. They don't do any increase because you guys are set while you state plans should pay is already 50% of your general program anyway. So why do you want more just messing with you? Mhm. All right. And also it looks like they're going up six FTS on Technical Support compliance assistance. They are going up 51 FTE s. Which is significant for for this type of listing. So, they're also going into the compliance side. At the same time, they're going into the enforcement compliance assistance side as the same time they're doing compliance enforcement side. Mhm. And if we're actually looking at it, It looks like the enforcement side is going to be 207 FTE S and the assistant side is going to be a total of 51 FTE s increased. So by far, OSHA is going to be spending more time and enforcement than assistance by the dollars. I'm only just, you know, it's not just me giving you hyperbole, it's me literally looking at the budget and I'm saying buy dollars, Oh, she's going to be compliance enforcement more than compliance assistance. That means be ready. Mhm. Training grants, they're actually going up in the training grants by 2000 And again, these units are in 2000, so add the couple of Zeros in the back. Um let's see. Health and safety statistics are going up to get slightly five FPs to get a little bit more understanding on uh, the statistics and everything that's going around. If you go to OSHA's website and go to data statistics, that page. Amazing. I am on their most of my time online. On that site. Do research for work. What's what I mean? Uh, Executive direction. This one actually is one of the biggest, even though the numbers are small, this is one of the biggest things that I've seen that has changed. So executive directive has been 25 full time equivalent hours and 202,020 and Uh, it was 28 full time equivalent hours. 2022 is going to request the same as before. So they're not going to go up, they're not going to go down, they're going to keep it the same. So I'm thinking this line item if you will is one of those that is not consequential. So that's why I was like, that's actually, I actually thought it was more consequential than it was to tell you the truth. So also in their budget and again, I'm going to see this real quick. Uh, is the budget itself. They included a few things. And one of the things that they, that they got was some money from the Covid release fund. So even in the money from Covid release from, they tell you what it's hero should replenish their supply with any kind of printing material or anything else that they got the money back. They're also going to add money for purchasing lab equipment and other supplies and they're going to spend some money on guidance document and enforcement. So they have the funding for that. So you will see some more covid related enforcement in your area. So if you really need to get a good hold of the budget activity, uh just get this and download it. It's very easy to find. Just do a google search for OSHA. Um, OSHA budget. No, no, just do OSHA comma O M. B. Which is Office of Management and Budget and uh the year 2022. So the next coming year. So if you do that in your search then you will get the sheet I just pulled up. Yeah. So thank you guys for hanging out with me. I hope this is going to help you. Um OSHA is definitely going to be more aggressive so therefore it's time for you to be ready. Either you're going to be ready for OSHA as a safety officer and you're going to make sure that your place of employment is going to be prepared and ready or you're going to be ready as a consultant where clients could come to you and now you can offer them and guide them through this process. So those are the two things that this is going to help you do. Hopefully fingers crossed also in the same vein as OSHA, I do have revealing the secrets of OSHA compliance, which is my safety consultant playbook on how to survive and OSHA audit talking about the foundations of OSHA what to expect in the biden administration. Like I just talked about a little bit, I only scratched the first the surface. You know, it was only like Right 20 minutes, 30 minutes on this. Uh, we're going to go through a whole day event, early bird pricing is gone. This event is going to be July 16 so you need to move on it pretty quick general admission prices or 2 50. But if you also want to get the safety consultant tv you could get a year event for $70 less. Excuse me, $75 less than the original cost. And you could buy a general industry, excuse me. General admission plus ticket at 3 25. But other than that you should get just get there if you need OSHA compliance help where you want to learn how to fish if you will. So you know you got to teach someone how to fish. That's what we're gonna do here. So it's gonna be all virtual event starting at nine a.m. Eastern Standard time. And then it is going to go until 3:30 p. m. So that's where it's gonna go. nine a.m. Eastern Standard Time until 3 30 PM. Eastern Standard time, july 16th online. 100%. We're going to take a break in there as well. So you guys are actually going to get lunch and all that. I take breaks. I have fun when I do my virtual events too. So you guys don't want to miss this one. It's fun for me. And if it's not fun for me, then it's not fun for you. And I literally play music and we do all kinds of stuff. So you don't want to miss this virtual event? All right, I'm so happy that you guys are here for me and I was able to get through this without like freaking out because it's so exciting for me in my world to be getting the regs. That's how bad I am as a geek. It's terrible. I am the safety Well, I don't want to steal bryce name is safety geek. But you know, uh bryce sergeant. But truly I am, I don't know what's going on here. I am truly seeking out over OSHA standard and you saw part and here I am happy as a kid. Okay. Anyway, yes, do nothing. And hope to see you guys revealing the secrets of OSHA. But before then subscribe to this podcast please. I am doing a begging thing with the hands crossed and everything. Go ahead and surprise. I probably shouldn't do. That's terrible. Have yourself a wonderful day. Go get

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