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69. With a history of complex-PTSD; a survivor of sexual assault and molestation. Learn how JULIE WALLACH was saved by the bike.
May 12, 2021
In this episode you will learn: How Julie used the bike to escape a childhood of abuse.
Julie Wallach is a lifelong athlete. She started swimming in the ocean at 2 years old and was on a swim team as a child; became a runner at 18 when she got sober and ran consistently until last year, when she had an injury that made her rethink the sport. She moved over to road cycling and has fallen in love, the same way she did with swimming and running. She’s climbed Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 US states, and has left tracks on thousands of miles of trails in the Santa Monica Mountains near her home in California.

Athleticism has always touched Julie’s heart in a way nothing else does; it’s where she feels most connected to herself. With a history of complex-PTSD; a survivor of sexual assault and molestation; neglect during her childhood and alcoholism in her family, Julie was resourceful and found a way out through being an athlete…and spending a lot of time on her bike as a child.

Riding was Julie’s way out of her house as a young girl. After the pain of her childhood, It took a long time to get back on a bike as an adult, but Julie is so glad she did. It’s a new passion and athletic challenge for her, as well as a way to heal her past.

When she’s not riding, Julie is a researcher and published author. She returned to college in her thirties and graduated with high honors, was on the Dean’s List and one of seven “Exceptional Students” who defied the odds and graduated college, the first in her family to do so. Hugely important to her, she has spoken at legislative hearings to get a law passed in California that lifts the statute of limitations for a group of sexual assault victims—and she is one of them.


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