The Gold Exchange Podcast
Ep 22 - Reimagining Physical Gold with Adam Trexler of Valaurum
July 21, 2021
Can there be innovation in physical gold? Absolutely! In our increasingly digital reality, innovation in the material world may seem a bit passé, but not to Dr. Adam Trexler, founder and President of Valaurum. Valaurum produces the Aurum® - the smallest verifiable unit of gold for investment available on the market today. Adam joined Keith and John for an invigorating discussion on what the future of gold is going to look like. "We're at the tip of the iceberg in terms of mainstream gold investment in the United States." That was how Adam began his thoughts on the state of gold today. Keith and Adam take a deep dive into all things gold - what makes gold money and the obstacles that stand in its way, the different forms and functions of gold, legal tender laws, and how we're rediscovering the foundational economic truths about gold and money in new and exciting ways. We were delighted to welcome Adam as our first guest on the Gold Exchange Podcast and we hope you enjoy their conversation!
In this episode, Adam and Keith cover the following:

Earn Interest on Your Gold and Silver with Monetary Metals 
🪙 Upgrade Your Gold
🏆 Gold Passive Income 
🔐 The New Way to Hold Gold
📈 The Case for Gold Yield in Investment Portfolios
🧠 How NOT to Think About Gold
📊 Risk Return Spectrum in Gold