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Saying Goodbye to Lupus and Other Autoimmune Diseases with Brooke Goldner, MD: PYP 227
September 13, 2017
When Brooke Goldner, MD, was 16 years old, she was told by her doctors that she probably had about six months to live. Her lupus, a chronic autoimmune condition that commonly attacks joints and skin, had gone after her kidneys, and it didn't look like they (and she) could be saved. Thankfully, the weekly chemotherapy worked well enough to stomp on her immune system, and it gave her kidneys and the rest of her a break and allowed her to grow up and have a fairly normal life. Goldner decided that however short her time on this planet, she wanted to make it count. She excelled at school, entered med school despite warnings that the stressful lifestyle could trigger debilitating relapses. Despite these health setbacks occurring, she became a doctor and began her intern year of residency hoping to keep her lupus at bay.