The Master Sales Funnels Podcast
Episode 020: Structure
January 1, 2021
As entrepreneurs we usually shy away from structure, but really, it's the key to creating the freedoms that you want in life. Listen to find out how.

In This Episode:


Deep Work (Affiliate Link): An awesome book that helped me get into the mindset of actually taking time to think and how we are plagued with distractions in today's world. Deep work is the answer to getting meaningful things done and becoming an expert in your industry.

The One Funnel Away Challenge (Affiliate Link): I recommend this challenge all the time because it was an amazing experience that really helped me gain structure and ultimately led to my funnel mindset. I learned how to hook people in and structure my offer stacks, and really just how funnels work in general. It's a great course for only $100 and a great ongoing resource to keep looking back at.