The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast
Heal Thrive Dream - Guest Roman Mironov
February 24, 2021
Meet Roman! A relationship coach trained under Robbins & Madanes Training Certification. Learn about the importance of routines in your day and hear Roman's ideas on how relationship work can help trauma survivors. Roman offers free consultation calls. Check out Roman on his website

After his divorce, Roman decided that he needed to learn relationship skills for dating and for relationships. He recognized that he was a workaholic and needed to change this about himself. When I asked Roman how he helps trauma survivors, he stated:
Trauma survivors, know what pain is, and the truth is, many people have pain as well." Roman's suggestion is that  you can actually start by helping the other person heal the pain that they have. Two people healing each other?  I don't think this always work, but Roman is on to something when he stated this beautiful passage.

 "You know what that pain is inside you, and so you can't relate to the other person and the the whole thing. How this works is that when you heal the person, by giving them love unconditionally, you also help yourself because by giving love, you also get it, you feel it. That's actually one of the biggest things that Tony Robbins teaches. It's about giving. When you're able to do that, you heal both the other person and yourself. So it is really, really crucial to keep developing your capacity for love because it will heal both of you in your relationship. So the goal when you come into relationship, any relationship is actually to go there to give if you are able to approach your relationship in this way, everything changes. And it is really, really beautiful."

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