My Public Apology
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
My Public Apology
December 21, 2020
In this episode, Sheldon comes clean about something that has been on his chest regarding his behavior during this past US presidential election season.
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[00:00:00] :  E. This episode is powered by safety Epple. Um hey, welcome. This is Sheldon. Promise E. I am the host of the safety consultant. Podcast on This is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant on as it goes, I've been developing some other stuff too. So you've been learning a little bit about everything, right? And along the way you guys have been growing with me is I've learned a little bit about podcasting, and a few other areas have become an influencer and everything. Now it's just kind of Yeah, weird. But, you know, it's something that I've never really thought about as much so this week. So the week again, and I am going to actually go over a couple of things. One big thing really is what's been bugging me. And I mentioned it kind of vaguely yesterday, the last week's episode, and had Thio kind of think it out. Not only did I have to think it out, and I actually had thio e guess the universe, once I mentioned what I wanted to do, started coming to me with different things I should look at to help myself voice what I was feeling and truly what it was. I think during this election year I went overboard with political views and criticizing others and stuff like that, and I really need to come to terms with me being better. So that's really what this episode is. Maybe it's, ah, cleansing of sort, but I think it's an influencer, especially since my name is my business. In what I do, e got Thio come clean and set the record straight for myself as well as for you guys listening to me taking a time, week after week if you're new, hopefully more than just this week. But really I don't want my thoughts and everything else to affect me in a big way in a business in a big way. So that's what I'm doing here. I'm gonna let it out, get it off my chest, right, Alright, so we'll come back after a word from our sponsor. It's just gonna be me. You talk this thing out year after year after year, I hear people tell me that they do not want to pay large subscription fees or for memberships to be able to get access to content related to safety. So me and my friends here it's Safety FM have come up with an idea called Safety FM. Plus. This'll is a video streaming service that allows you to have some downloadable document content available readily. Wherever you are, you can go to the website Safety FM plus dot com or go to the Apple Store app and downloaded for your iPhone, iPad or even Apple TV. It's also available on Android and Android TV Broke You and Fire TV. We wanna be wherever you are, So to get you started, you can come to the website or download, the APP says we just discussed. 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And those were gonna be Tuesday and Thursdays, 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, Christmas Week and New Year's Eve week. You know, this week, which is, Well, they If you listen to this first week out, then that is gonna be the week of Christmas 2020. I'm only gonna do Tuesday I'm gonna do Thursday because that's Christmas Eve next week. I'm gonna do it again. I'm gonna do Tuesday, but I won't be doing Thursday e don't know. I have to really think about that one. Might might not just depends on vacation. It's really what it boils down to, but if I do make changes. I'll post it on the social media so you guys will be able to know. All right, let's go ahead and talk about this week. So I'm gonna talk to, you know, background nothing. Music. It's just gonna meet over the last I would say year, Let's call it that year for the election year, it has been one of the things that have driven me out of my norm. That is sure why. But I was triggered often enough to the point where there was a post that I need. I shouldn't have, and I know I couldn't have. And then my wife told me, Hey, shoulder, dude, your name is attached to your business. Therefore, if you are now saying things that are maybe you going past the policy side that you don't like, which I believe you should definitely speak about things you don't like, take a stand. Yes, but at this posting I did. I went a little bit further and then attacked the people that believed in the States, and that was the difference there. So e really think this up. You're selling yourself as a business person and you're also branding as such. So now this can affect your brand. Whoa, Can I reluctant to hear that, Tell you the truth, I didn't want to, but it made sense. Made a lot of sense to me. And I don't know what happened this love election year, if you will. But I found that myself, in my mind in my being was drawn away from where my my whore representation of myself would be. And then not only the presentation of my myself as a businessman, but then also me and my core beliefs. So I have to take a step back. It triggered me to do two things. One which I told you guys about in a previous episode, which was I isolated while my Facebook from my link did so. Basically the linked inside of me was the business side. The Facebook said to me was decide where I am going. Thio have very, very close friends and family. So if you're still in my Facebook, then you consider yourself, of course, Fred or family. But I also had to think about all right, the other part of it waas truly am I. And I sullying too many things with business in personal by having so many people attached. And I truly had 600 maybe friends on Facebook. And that's like acquaintances in general, like, uh, 200 ish, I believe. And that's close. Friends and family S O. And I've got a big family, so that's part of it, too. But I have to do that change for what I was feeling was something coming up in. So I'm telling everyone this. I'm seeing it on the podcast format to just first and foremost say I was wrong to those of you who may have been on the other side of my belief system and for our purposes. In order for me to get this right, I have to make sure that we know context. So I'm one of those people that air happy for the regime change, coming in with the new Biden presidency that is on the way, and in that I actually went a little beyond fair. Let's say that weigh in some of my posting and some of my reactions to the current president and that to me was a little deviation to my for my norm. But it wasn't really him per se as much as it waas everyone else that were, you know, in my in my scope of friends eso I don't want Thio disparage them with. So in this journey, I decided a few things, someone that came organically and some of it came from just reading. And one of the organic things that happened was I really felt inside that I wasn't challenging myself enough to start looking at both sides. I was in the little thought bubble, and the other thing that came up was after listening to a couple of things, one was a podcast. I can't remember who it waas, but I do remember the guest guest was a rapper called Killer Mike. And he's also a very, very strong activists in the black community and also in Atlanta for Georgia, one of his, um, podcast that he recently did. He went back and quoted Dr Martin Luther King, who was a hero of mine, just a absolutely hero of mine. One of the things that make him a hero of mine was because I always grew up with my mom saying, Sheldon, when I found out I was pregnant with you and she used ah immigrant from Diana, and that's South America. And she says, I pray to God that this baby that I was gonna have would be as mighty or stronger impactful as Dr Martin Luther King Jr And that's, Ah, a child of 71. So 1970 when I was he was pregnant with me. Very, very big, big feature of the American experience at that time for my parents were trying to get citizenship was some of the race relations there. So the mental onto her. So I've read Dr King's books, and I've always been thinking that I can be someone like that. Yeah, I thought there's an influencer. Yeah, I should be thinking that, too. So I have to go back to the Birmingham. In 1963 Dr King was arrested in brown hand and the I believe there were six religious people. Rabbi into our rabbi, and I believe five Reverence wrote him a letter. No, actually, he wrote the letter they were actually saying things about why are they doing this right now? On all of a sudden, there's upheaval in our towns and we don't believe that they went about this right. And why don't they wait because there was another change. I believe it's either governor or mayor or something similar to that. And he mentioned a bunch of things in that letter. It's a 23 page letter, and you really wanna look that one up? That's up Dr. King's letter in Birmingham Jail. Incredible, But out of that came a couple his principles. And there's six principles he has of Nonviolence. Get a highlight. A couple of these. One of the principles is Nonviolence seeks to defeat injustice, not people. That's what I was doing. I personally, myself, I felt that there was injustice is happening. But I was trying to defeat people versus the act of injustice. And I know on both sides of the fence, politically speaking for us, they probably feel the same way this injustice is happening. And why are these injustices? Injustice is happening? I need to speak up. So here both sides are digging in on injustices that we feel they're happening and I got caught up in it. Another one of principals, principal four was Nonviolence hole. The suffering can educate in transform. So this is one of those principles for Dr King Nonviolence. Hold on next steps. Suffering without retaliation. Unearned suffering is redemptive and has tremendous educational and transfer transforming possibilities. So those air really big things stuck with me and then one of the other things that was mentioned in here. He has six steps of nonviolent social change, and one of the very first step is information gathering. If I'm surrounded by people who believe, think, listen to that kind of media. Everything is being inundated into me the exact same thought. They will radicalize me and this goes with anyone, right? There's a radicalization there. So therefore then that means that I am not finding a gathering information from some people. Call it opposition information or whatever. I don't want to think of it that way. I just think there's a fellow American feeling like on the opposite side of the scale. And why am I not empathizing with them as much as you can, or at least planning out why, instead of attacking and that was on me, it's It's so isn't me, right, because I could only control me. The principal four for Dr King's Six Steps of Nonviolent social Change, using grace, humor, intelligence, confront other parties with a list of injustices and a plan for addressing and resolving these injustices. Look for what is positive in every action of statement the opposition makes. Do not humiliate the opposition but to call forth the good in the opponent. So that's the idea. Don't humiliate this person, but you really wanna call forth the good out of this person, and it says Nonviolence in this is principal six for reconciliation. Non violence is direct, directed against evil system forces, evil systems, forces oppressive policies and just acts, but not against purses, because this will all lead into a beloved community. So that's what I was saying. So really trying. Look through this. The thing All right. I consult and actually using my name and everything is my whole brand. Therefore, I have to hold myself. Is ah, higher higher? Uh, e I mean myself. Me Children have to help me to a higher level of accountability than anyone else. So that's what I was thinking. And then further along my week, two weeks really think about this thing. Thea other thing I was thinking was I was reading a both listening to like I hardly ever read a book anymore. Just listen. I love me. Some audible haven't over audible lately. So Annie Duke, thinking in bets is the book you need to catch a new one poker player, professional poker player. But she is also e think has a masters in psychology. Uh, and also I forget her other thing, but I think it's an organizational structure. Chicken was talking about philosophy or something or ideology that was coming from Dr Robert K. Merton. And it's called kudos and really, what this is is for. If you are going to be a slight scientist and you're tryingto figure things out in a scientific way, you should have what's called, uh, kudos. C u D O s. The C is for communism. U is for universalism d Is this interested? Nous? Owen s is together for organized skepticism. So you could think of the CIA's being freedom. And this is I'm reading this for a mom. Uh, this is something from the scientific. Forget what with? I'm reading it right here. Physics g u dot s e. And they have some warning in here on there. And it's coming from science and technology in a democratic order which was written by Dr Martin. See freedom of exchange of scientific information, meaning that you should surround yourself with people who are going thio. You talk to them about science. If information you receive it, you're not going to be challenged by asking them or bringing out to him to say that you're going to be reprimanded or anything that is going to be imposed on you for speaking your mind. And I was like, Wow, that's almost like safety. You know, you really want to feel like because someone's talking to you about safety and health conditions, and they feel like they're truly speaking their money in the area. That's that's about right. The U independence of race, color, creed essentially international, meaning that everyone universalism. You hear everyone's thought. You hear everyone's feelings and experiences. So you're doing that information gathering. As Dr King mentioned, de honest and objective results not to be manipulated to serve considerations such as personal profit or ideology. So you were truly you're gonna be honest and objective. Think it through. Take it through an approach where there's no personal gain from this or you're not just descending ideology, your ideology, because it's something that is instilled in you, such as a religious beliefs or social beliefs. So strong. But you're open this openness to it. Oh, and s together organized skepticism is should not be accepted on the word of authority. The truth of any statement should finally rest on the comparison with observed fact Big one. Right? So you truly have to think about all the fax, gather them up, make sure that you're going to be one of those individuals that will listen to so many other views. And then you validated together as a community scientific community. I've always thought of myself that way. So truly, when I was thinking about this confronting myself about this, confronting myself about how am I going to come clean, doable, repenting? I think this is the best way for me to do it. Just go on him, touching guys on my podcast. I'm telling you, that was wrong. I needed to be more open minded as to I don't believe it to the local views. Instead of calling you names or classifying you in certain ways, I personally needed to open up my mind and going ahead, finding out why do you think you tell me why. Tell me why you feel this way about this individual. Tell me why you feel this way about this policy and then from there, see if I could grow a little, see if we could grow a little and not well, a group of community and ideology of injustice, if I would for me as being everybody but just saying, Hey, it's just Theo individual trying to get the individual out of the group and one of one of the points and Dr King's letter and which, if I could find that I got it, I've been reading this thing. I've been dissecting it. I've been 23 pages and I've been reading it for a good, solid week. And I'm still on page nine because I'm just truly I've got my highlighter out of like going through this letter, Burningham thinking this man is in jail and he's got such poetic in deep thoughts that he's bringing out thio this community. But I'm gonna real quick I've got with me as you could hear the papers rustling, uh, one of the things that he mentioned in here and then I just was really, really good was about the dialogue itself and knowing that it's not. Oh, here it is Reinhold New book. He's the person who came up with what we know, as is the Serenity trip a prayer. Hey, says groups are immoral MAWR groups or more immoral than individuals. So in that phrasing itself is thinking mean brilliant? And for me, I needed to look at that. I needed to hear that. I need to start thinking of that. I needed to talk to some of my other friends and just tell him hey, during this election season and went overboard. Forgive me, and I think part of it was because I felt so jaded because my whole life I grew up a zoo, a conservative Republican and, well, literally my whole life since I was 18 years old. It's the only party I knew, and I just I would say a more level Lincoln Project Republican at this point. Yeah, but I may not even label myself. Currently. Not labeling myself is anything right now. I'm truly no party affiliation at this point, but that bitterness of a loss may have driven this. I don't know. You guys aren't the I'm not on the couch with any because you're just hearing my thoughts. So I don't know about that part, that part. I have to dig in a little bit more deeper. But truly this conversation to the audience to you guys is to encourage you. But if you were going through what I went through or even ceiling what I did because apparently we're like, what, 45% which was one way in the country and then the other 55% was the other way in the country. So that means we're pretty close to 50 50. That means that I'm centering out to say there are more people. Listen to this podcast with may have had the exact same thing happened in their lives. If you're using your name, your image, anything to grow, your business, your consulting business and your name means a lot, then if you did anything during this time period that would have damaged that damaged your image, you might be the time to repair it in some way, make an effort in some way to repair this thing. Then maybe that might be good for you to write. I'm not too sure I'm just guessing I'm on this one that you might have been feeling the same way and doing the same thing as I am. Maybe you didn't e didn't attack anybody. My name that's not the issue have said that earlier, but I truly just type a group more than anything. And it was really attack. It's just it's not comments more than anything, but I'm done. I'm back. I'm gonna protect myself. My name, my business e encourage you guys to do the same. That's what I'm saying. I'm encouraging you to do the same. All right, Next week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We're gonna have some episodes. I'm going to be interviewing some friends, gonna be even doing a music Little episode there. And then also January 4th. The very first Monday of January will be my 100 official episode. So therefore, I've got a special guest. We're gonna love that one out can open up some more. So please stick around with me on the traditionally dead week between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Bringing just hang out. You guys are gonna welcome me into Maya like 100th episode celebration. Okay, so have a great rest of your week. Go get him. This'll episode has been powered by safety gown thing

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