Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Lucy Sweetkill & DiaDynasty - Looking Back and Looking Forward
November 16, 2021
Lucy Sweetkill and Dia Dynasty have been the dynamic duo of an amazing space in NYC. Now, they are looking ahead in life and beginning a new chapter. In an interview done just before the decision to close "La Maison du Rouge," we hear the thoughts and dreams of these two wonderful humans in a compelling episode.
Lusy Sweetkill and Dia Dynasty are two NYC Based Dominatrixs who have been the proprietors of La Maison du Rouge. La Maison du Rouge is focused on expanding the BDSM experience by discussing, educating, and informing our audiences about the intersections of kink, wellness, sexuality, spirituality, and social activism. They aim to build community in this regard by creating a safe space for discussing these topics as well as advocating the normalization of alternative sexualities.  By challenging current social norms, they aspire to bolster a culture around consent and open communication.