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249. FATHERS for the FATHERLESS Charity | Simon Osamoh
July 4, 2022
My good friend Simon shared this amazing CHARITY ride in FATHERS for the FATHERLESS. Being brought up by his mom, Simon has made it his mission to support and participate in the charity ride for dads that are growing across the USA. If you resonate with his story I encourage you to share this podcast.

Church Safety - Paperback book

Simon is an author, podcaster, safety expert and a cyclist
As a former UK detective turned entrepreneur and mindset coach, Simon loves asking people tough questions to learn how they became who they became. 

FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS changes lives by exposing men to a cause beyond themselves. They are propelled to challenge themselves, cycling 100 miles, in response to our Heavenly Father’s heart for the Fatherless.

Every man is called to be a father for the fatherless. Since 2019, hundreds of men have biked thousands of miles to fund local fatherlessness initiatives and provide 1.8 million meals to fatherless kids worldwide. Join our 2022 team to raise money and awareness for those without a father.
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