We Are South Jordan Chamber
#7 - Rob Howell and Nikki Davis talk about Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille
October 13, 2022
Zulu Grille is a social impact restaurant offering healthy, delicious, and flavorful African-fusion dishes while benefitting young girls rescued from human trafficking in South Africa.
Rob Howell and Nikki Davis are the special guests on the We Are South Jordan Chamber podcast. Rob is a flavor master and owner of Zulu Grill, an African fusion restaurant in South Jordan. Nikki is one of the co-founders of Zulu Grill, and her background is as an international attorney. The restaurant was founded with the goal of creating a social impact business that would do good in the world.

Rob's food at Zulu Grill is marinated for 503 hours and slow-roasted before being finished on the grill, giving it a unique flavor. They offer a variety of sauces ranging from lemon garlic to African hot for those who want more spice. Zulu Puri Puri Chicken Grill is excited to have joined the South Jordan community and looks forward to expanding across Utah and the United States.

In 2018, they decided to benefit children in South Africa with their cuisine. After visiting South Africa and interviewing 15 different organizations, they chose Home of Hope as their beneficiary organization. Home of Hope has rescued 11,000 girls from child trafficking and provides them with a safe haven where they can restore their dignity.

A portion of the proceeds from every dish sold at Zulu goes toward Home of Hope in order to replace their food budget with donations for empowerment programs. Rob was integral in opening the first location in Utah County and his favorite dishes are the peri peri chicken salad and chicken on the bone.

To date, Zulu has donated over 200,000 meals to Home of Hope in South Africa. Nikki and Rob, owners of Zulu Grill, discussed their plans to expand their restaurant chain throughout Utah and beyond. They plan to open at least one new location each year until they have a system in place that can open more quickly. They chose South Jordan as their flagship location due to its tight-knit community and family-friendly atmosphere.

 Nikki shared the philosophy behind Zulu Grill: ubuntu, which is the idea that we all need each other and businesses should be a force for good in the world. Customers are invited to come to enjoy a better meal for a better world and do good together.