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Don't follow your passion blindly ft. Amitabh Tiwari aka Political Baaba
January 6, 2022
DON'T FOLLOW YOUR PASSION BLINDLY Yes, you heard it right. Amitabh Tiwari aka Political Baaba, is sharing his life journey and experience on Ambesh Tiwari Show. He followed his passion and became a political strategist from investment banker. He have shared deep inshights on following the passion.
Who is Amitabh Tiwari?

Amitabh Tiwari (aka Politicalbaaba) is a former corporate and investment banker turned political commentator and strategist. He is currently a Senior Advisor at WarRoom Strategies.

Over a period of years, he has worked with many leaders, political parties and governments on public policy, strategic communications, media advisory and election campaigns.

Amitabh is a MBA in finance from K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management & Research and has worked for over a decade in foreign banks in India and abroad in his earlier avatar.

He is passionate about politics and elections and is a well- known commentator, columnist and panelist.