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214. The ALINKER WALKING BIKE is a becoming a Life Changer | Be Alink the Creator
April 13, 2022
In this episode you will learn about: Meet the ALINKER WALKING BIKE and Be Alink the creator. let's be clear, this bike is not for seniors, the alinker is an amazing alternative to walkers. What the Alinker is really about is giving more people the ability to become mobile again. Who is using the bike: Diabetics, individuals with MS, wheelchair-bound with use of their legs, stroke survivors, amputees.....the use is vast.

BE Alink is the founder and inventor of the Alinker walking bike, which she refers to as a vehicle of change. BE's reverse design practices / philosophy lead to the Alinker, which is not built for a "body-with-a-problem" but for who we are, active and engaged.
BE is a gender weirdo, and has often been called crazy, all over the place, scattered. People told her to focus, and to comply, but BE does not fit in, just held true to her vision that the world needs something else, for and by us all, no one excluded. BE focuses on who we are, not what we have.
With insane tenacity, commitment and dedication, BE has built her company into a movement of people showing up for each other. Years ago, she said: "I dream of a world where the dismissed people of today, are our leaders of tomorrow”.
BE employs Alinker users (otherwise unemployed), pays everybody living wage (including herself), The Alinker has certified BCorp status, she is a SheEO venture, is more than carbon neutral, and practically plastic free.
The Alinker company is built to create access to health, by building access to mobility, community and healthy food.


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