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181. COAST to COAST GRAVEL Grinder with Mark VanTongeren
January 26, 2022
In this episode you will learn about: One of the most scenic long distance gravel races in Michigan with Mark VanTongreen and Matt Acker. It's the COAST to COAST Gravel Grinder.

COAST to COAST Gravel Grinder
Registration for the June 25, 2022, 210-mile and 100-mile races (both on Saturday) is expected to open October 2021. Register for our enewsletter (right side of this page) and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.
Race the setting sun as you cross the mighty Mitten — from coast to stunning freshwater coast.

Start your day at the sunrise shores of Lake Huron. Make one all-out push west, 210 miles through Michigan farmlands and grasslands, rolling hardwoods, the majestic Manistee National Forest, all the way to the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan at Ludington. Or try our challenging 100-mile loop at Ludington.

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