Meet UK Safety Consultant, Craig Calvert
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
Meet UK Safety Consultant, Craig Calvert
August 16, 2021
In this episode, Sheldon speaks to UK safety consultant, Craig Calvert of Calvert Safety Management. They speak about safety in UK, COVID-19 effects on the UK, Construction safety, and training tips.
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[00:00:17] spk_0: to the safety consultant podcast. I'm your host shoulder promise. This is the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant and if you have any questions, I act as America's safety consultant as well. Actually today I am not going to be dealing with America as much. Even though I said America's safety consultant is actually this week, I'm talking to my buddy Craig calvert from the U. K. Craig is the owner proprietor and everything of calvert safety management. He actually has a lot of experience similar to mine where he deals with compliance issues uh in the U. K. Area came from a government background like I did. So when we went pro you know there's so much it opens up to you after you get that kind of a foundation. So he does services with just normal compliance services, health monitoring, risk assessments, training accident investigation audits. So it doesn't you know that's the same thing that I do on my end. So today what we went over is just really wanted to catch up with them and find out on the other side since I'm on the U. S. And I want to find out a little bit more about what's happening across the pond as we like to say, Craig caught up with me gave me kind of a an overview of what's been happening over there and then also some of the work that he's been involved with. So it was great. I really enjoyed the catch up episode and then really finding out a lot about some of the the activities that's happening. Construction and over in the UK so sit back, relax. Listen to craig and I converse eight tug just get a little safety geek on. If you have not yet. Subscribe to the podcast, please do that. So whatever you're listening to me right now look at that home page and look for that subscribe button and go hit that. And if you have an opportunity to go ahead and rape me on whatever service you're listening to. That's great. And it helps the algorithms and makes it so more people can see me and I'll boost the appeal of the show all the way around. Right, so thank you for that right now, let's go to the interview.

[00:02:55] spk_1: Hi there. My name is Craig calvert. I'm based in the UK. My business is a consulting firm, helmet safety management. Been in health and safety for around 10 or 11 years now. Initially got involved in health and safety working for U. K. Government as well as employment law. Left the UK government went into health and safety within the insurance sector, then got involved in the cloud based management, Health and safety system implementation and then progressed into on site training accident investigation by a risk assessments and preparation of risk assessments and method statements and safe systems have worked for clients currently. Yeah.

[00:03:50] spk_0: Where are you?

[00:03:52] spk_1: Uh basically uh Nia shepherds probably know Sheffield more in the UK but his mom is a little town called Doncaster just near there.

[00:04:02] spk_0: Mm The only one that I know of um is in London and my uncle used to live, there is a place called Stratton Common but this is like a long time ago. I don't even know if that's still the name of a community in London.

[00:04:15] spk_1: Yeah, all blending into one big city now. So you know, it's quite a few people still actually operating in the city. I work in London and Manchester quite a lot. But what I tend to do is commute cost of living in the UK is a lot cheaper if you go into central UK or the north rather than working in London? Obviously the capital of South of London. Okay. Do obviously remotely as a consultant a accreditation assistance as well if people tendering for a construction contract and assist them with the health and safety module element of that as well.

[00:04:58] spk_0: Excellent. For for everyone's knowledge, the audience is going to be pretty much uh, let's see, we have from my numbers, it looks like a very good international audience and heavy based on us but a pretty good international audience. So for for them, what kind of differences, like if anybody's thinking they want to go to the UK and start doing safety consulting or at least getting in the industry. What's the market like there now.

[00:05:32] spk_1: The market is pretty good at the moment but it is being volatile. the last uh, about two years since the coronavirus here. So what I had to change my business model, I was going out doing site audits, um, doing face to face training in large organizations. But when the lockdown hit, quite a lot of companies actually went to a skeleton business model. So that lie about 5% of the stuff, they're just purely operational, the prevention of spreading the virus. They didn't allow any visitors at all. And so I like quite a lot of the council's environment. They were working from all the old players got locked down doing training in the site as well because all the stuff went

[00:06:28] spk_0: on,

[00:06:29] spk_1: a lot of on site training online training.

[00:06:34] spk_0: So you went from, from face to face facilitation to online facilitation, which

[00:06:41] spk_1: has as its moments because you can network fully with people in a training cost when you have a break or lunchtime, you can network with the people you're training, getting a little bit more about their industry. What's happening out there in that particular area, work area. You don't get that with the online training. All it is, is just purely business deliver training. That's an exam and the exam. You don't

[00:07:10] spk_0: yeah, not as much socializing. Yeah. Yeah, that's, that's actually a loss. I I used a company where uh, we have like going into the online session is like a little hangout room first and then you basically open up the stage when you're about to present. So it gives it a little lounge feeling just before you get started. So that's a good a good one.

[00:07:35] spk_1: Yeah. Uh I also use lie online icebreakers. Like a website called Who? Oh yeah quiz where you can actually use your mobile phone as a remote pad. Like say the answer A. B. C. Or D. Thanks. I

[00:07:58] spk_0: forgot about that

[00:07:59] spk_1: one french street and register as well. Light so you know massive knowledge based on the questions pick any particular subject

[00:08:11] spk_0: and they caught up with safety and health. They have some safety and health questions now to.

[00:08:15] spk_1: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah and then I'm using it currently in my role was like a massive construction questions set on that covering all the different types of topics like fire extinguishes, accident investigation, safety signage, health and safety laws you name it is actually on there so you have a mixed bag. I can go in for a particular subject.

[00:08:40] spk_0: Yeah. Uh Not to get political or anything but I know this is settled question right uh With well reckon with the Brexit now especially where you are in in the U. K. Uh how does that affect you as far as a driver for for getting more clients or even doing business? Is that is that any consideration for you guys?

[00:09:01] spk_1: Uh Well not at the moment and what I'm tending to find as well is although saying the United Kingdom very certain areas like in Scotland have got different fire safety laws to uh England and Wales has got uh try to be slightly more safer again with the easing of their lockdown. So what we're finding now is that some clients will only operate with certain areas of the UK to along the light invite. I think it was. Denmark was only inviting welsh residents over there. So parts of the UK are breaking up the combined again, that's what we're actually seeing our but like to say the work, quite a lot of it can do remotely and there's no like physical barriers when you're delivering training online. Yeah, they could have like five people dialing in from London, Another six or 7 from Scotland and two or 3 from Wales, The knee bush qualification have been marking laws from the international clients as well. I'm like down as a online examiner for that. I'm at risk assessments from all of the world.

[00:10:20] spk_0: Awesome. Yeah. I just recently I've been aware of the box for a long time. I got into the business in the, in the 90s. But when with me bash I've always had them like a, they're so mystical to me because being international in the way that they work their um, their organization, I was like, wow, that's really good and I got an opportunity to interview D AARP and uh with me bOSch and she was amazing and Zoe who was helping her, I really, really liked me bosch and what they do uh Yeah, so I'm a little bit new getting on the knee bosch boat. But but you guys, it seems for international as far as I'm seeing it, it's like one of those um credentialing that everyone looks to have, is that what you're seeing too?

[00:11:14] spk_1: Yeah, well that's it. Quite a lot of the recruitment now we wanted you to have the knee bows general as a status that's like two weeks intense health and safety costs. Then you can go the knee wash international or you can also do a lot of the Bush specifically in construction.

[00:11:34] spk_0: Oh

[00:11:36] spk_1: yeah, certificate. So then they're doing that as well as any bosh environmental element. Me Bush fire element as well.

[00:11:45] spk_0: Oh man, that's awesome. Uh nice. She was episode 108. I had to look it up.

[00:11:53] spk_1: All right, you have to see conservative the link over. Yeah.

[00:11:57] spk_0: Yeah, absolutely.

[00:11:58] spk_1: Yeah. Also as well there's like quite a lot of CPD modules that we can do here in the UK.

[00:12:05] spk_0: What's that? CPD

[00:12:07] spk_1: CPD? Continuing professional development Okay. Down your learning hours. So it's quite a lot of online videos on the professional body. I'm with the cash, I deliver their those costs as well which is like managing safely three or four day costs for aimed at principal contractors and managing directors.

[00:12:32] spk_0: Excellent wow. What are you doing your spirit time? You like you're busy doing everything. It's like yeah,

[00:12:40] spk_1: strings. So I'd like to go out scuba diving, but in the UK, the war was a very uh poor visibility for and you can't even see a couple of feet away market. But I've dove internationally. Cyprus dove over there on a roll on roll off ferry. That was sunk on its side.

[00:13:06] spk_0: Oh man, that was really cool.

[00:13:08] spk_1: Egypt spain. One of the bucket list is Nasa in the

[00:13:16] spk_0: uh yeah,

[00:13:18] spk_1: like James Bond dives and

[00:13:20] spk_0: Yeah man, that'd be awesome. Was that uh it wasn't gold feeling figures. What's the other one? I loved that bond one when he was in uh Roger moore. Right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Rest his soul Roger moore was my bond. That's my error. You

[00:13:34] spk_1: got nothing.

[00:13:35] spk_0: Everybody's got a bond. You know, I got, my wife will have a strong economy is still here is his. So uh oh have you heard of Blair Boyd from Scotland? No, he's also with with Ayyash and uh one of the ambassadors there and he was episode 83 and 84.

[00:13:56] spk_1: Yeah,

[00:13:59] spk_0: yeah, yeah, that's right. You're going to be, I don't even know what episodes I'm on now. I'm like 1 80 something one sixties around. Even though uh let's see 1 32. So you're going to be 1 33. Yeah. Tell us about like some of the influences that you've had throughout your safety career? What got you, you know, like stumble into safety and what did you do before?

[00:14:28] spk_1: Well what did originally when I left school was I wanted to be involved in the travel and tourism industry. So I went to basically studied to be a holiday reps or meeting and greeting guests when we arrived at the result. Uh of course I did, I quickly found out with the two year course um that involved basically trying to study as a travel agent rather than

[00:14:54] spk_0: a, so

[00:14:57] spk_1: I did a year of that and then I decided to work going the hairdressing sector. So actually at the time in the UK the gents bob is a traditional role, but we didn't have a specific cause for that. I haven't trained up for men's and women's having the old barbershop three years,

[00:15:21] spk_0: quite

[00:15:22] spk_1: an experience. I've got on me, customer service faces their skills with that and then they business management skills as well. Bring small business. Yeah, I went in telecoms as well. So I was working in uh before it went to digital phones. He had analog before the days of the sim card. So I worked in the transition the british telecom when there was looking after mobile phones. Yeah, a good stage. And then I got involved in technical support for the internet, one of the first dialogue internet providers in the UK before broadband hit technical support for that and seeing all the different cities in the UK, getting to down and everybody screaming my internet, still my broadband and

[00:16:20] spk_0: you probably still hear that sound in your ears from the old school broadband. Remember that

[00:16:26] spk_1: a lasting impact here now with the ringing in the ears from work on construction sites.

[00:16:34] spk_0: Yeah. Well that the attenuation, they're still still going at your ear. Exactly.

[00:16:42] spk_1: So you want to do the minutes, Sheldon, what's your thing that you're doing now?

[00:16:47] spk_0: Yeah, it's really, I I have really, the last couple of months we've been focusing on getting back on the road again. My wife and I are full time RV is like, I was telling you before, uh and we're trying to get back on the road. So I've been focusing on that aspect. And then personal, is that part And then business wise, I've been helping write grants there or material for people. So I've been going back and forth with those uh, those two sides wanting to get out and start wandering again. That's that's our pastime. That's our fun.

[00:17:23] spk_1: I've been like caged animals and with the lockdown and everything. But at all the States all been back up again where you are now.

[00:17:29] spk_0: Uh it's truly one of those things where um, no, nothing's close per se. But they're starting to uh, see limited restrictions up here and with the States, I don't know if you guys have the same dynamic that we have, but it's come where uh it's been pretty political with mask wearing and lockdowns and on and and everybody with the trickle down effect. If you do lockdown, you know what it costs for people in business. So I know you guys have been dealing with that one. I've been keeping an eye on, on, on your Prime Minister every now and then I get a little news and I'm thinking, uh, he seems to switch a lot to me. I don't know, maybe that's my perspective.

[00:18:12] spk_1: That's why it's been a little bit uh broken up in the Mhm.

[00:18:20] spk_0: Yeah, and just lost your audio for just a second. There you go. I think, yeah,

[00:18:26] spk_1: that was a call, just ringing in it just fine. Yeah, the, that's why it's been a little bit broken up in the UK because long story short Scotland is quite a lot, a lot more cautious about opening up with the coronavirus. The UK just wants to Britain, England wants to open up pretty quickly Scottish Prime Minister. She's a little bit more cautious. And then saying with Wales, that's why quite a lot of different countries a little bit cautious and saying, well, we know Wales and Scotland they've been extra careful. England maybe rushed and opened up too quickly

[00:19:08] spk_0: areas and it's really been affecting all of this as far as business wise and I know in safety and health, I don't know if you guys have been getting this call, but whenever I get these calls, people are asking me for um advice and helping them start like a pandemic plan or something similar to that. Generally I've done it before when I used to work in the utility side, but there's so many cross disciplines that you have to think about, you have to think about safety, you have to think about production, you have to think about business continuity and making sure that people can still get in construction. You got to think about materials coming in and uh your your construction timeline and if one thing gets pushed back, it could be a nightmare for all that planning.

[00:19:52] spk_1: Yeah, that's what we're finding now in the UK, that quite a lot of the construction materials have shot up in price. Yeah, so like still uh Simon would have all gone up in price. Plus you've got on the back and you've got people across the pubs have been closed, making about in the back garden. Oh

[00:20:13] spk_0: yeah,

[00:20:14] spk_1: I have been used, it wouldn't have normally been in residential properties. Yeah.

[00:20:20] spk_0: has there been like recently, especially with the standard 45003. But recently a lot of people have been more aware of mental health issues for uh, for workers, is that becoming a an area of getting some sort of recognition in your market

[00:20:42] spk_1: is at the moment. But the, was actually speaking to the council near to me, Sheffield council and out of all their council departments have only got one department which is linked with housing And then that's the only one that's on the I saw 45,001. Mm that's a massive council. So it's not actually trickle down as yet to the all the businesses. I think quite a lot of businesses. It's the actual returning the standard and being audited more frequently, like every quarter from british standards institute. So I believe, you know, it's one of those where it's an additional costs and if you're not dealing internationally, they'll just stick with the existing standards that they've

[00:21:33] spk_0: got. They don't see the need

[00:21:36] spk_1: continuity and disaster recovery. I thought about moving into that and getting the credit of myself and actually using that as a bolt on because when I was in the government who was like a few key personnel, one of which was myself with the health and safety. But then the other one was a girl that they wouldn't let move into another role because she was that skill that with business continuity and disaster recovery. So I say it was like a bomb scared in a city centre at London, they would have a business continuity plan where they'd be able to still pay out the benefit claimants and the staff from an alternative site as well as can be very heavily linked entitled to health and safety.

[00:22:24] spk_0: Yeah. And they're

[00:22:25] spk_1: vitamins. So this is a, you know, if there's an oil leak or gasoline, you still need to be operated, there's a business so we need to continue to planets some particular point. Yeah.

[00:22:39] spk_0: Yeah, absolutely. And truly when holistically speaking, when organizations really think that, uh, they, yes, they need a business output. So they look for operations or production for that. But even when it comes to human resources, there's a part of safety that's in there. The part of safety and production is a part of safety. That of course, obviously insecurity and clean them even though security is a different discipline. But with those real good organizations, everybody kind of pitches in and they know, you know, they get input from each other's roles is how I see it.

[00:23:16] spk_1: Yeah, exactly. Touched a good point there actually shelled in the security industry now we had a bombing go off at one of the concepts in Manchester, uh, terrorism incidents or now with the health and safety that's coming more into construction and even security guards now we've got to have more first aid training. The father can become qualified so there's an avenue for getting in and delivering first aid training to operational on the

[00:23:49] spk_0: take every avenue.

[00:23:51] spk_1: Yeah. Yeah. The cleaners now need to be security. That another qualifications to get even get on the construction site. So all that's coming to fruition now as well.

[00:24:04] spk_0: Yeah, absolutely. And that's a great point because for most of you guys who are listening to this, you know, as being a consultant, you're always, your mind's always thinking of what's the driver that's going to get begin to help people. I know. yes, it's to pay bills and everything else because that's what we do for a living. But it's also still solving a problem that we uniquely have the answer for. So yeah, you always got to keep that mind open.

[00:24:29] spk_1: Yeah, exactly. And then in the UK now we're actually pioneering in these schools air filtration systems. So the actually trying to clean the air now in schools to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and cross contamination the coronavirus here. So that's bubbling whoever.

[00:24:53] spk_0: And there's so many, uh, the, usually the thing that they're using for that would be UBC lighting and there's so much units that are created for that particular applications. So it's expensive, but they're, they're

[00:25:11] spk_1: going to assist people with, you know, not having to close down the business. Sometimes there's a little pot took to way that the insurance compare of have found. But I was, I was at school and I was walking around doing an audit and they actually got a security system. If somebody went in there with a knife would have like big glass panels dropped down to seal corridors off, wow, he was trying to attack people in his school, they couldn't actually get any further than the main corridor. Get into classrooms

[00:25:43] spk_0: and that's by hitting a is that by hitting a panic button or is it just a self detection?

[00:25:51] spk_1: Uh, probably with somebody hitting the panic button. So say some unauthorized person went into a school and they've been. Then the threat to the students, They can literally just dropped a glass wall to seal both ends of the corridors off. So whoever's in there, the trapped, you can't get anywhere prepared for that because because the insurance think, well, we're not paying out for any incidents in the school where I'm just going to get the return on the investment, not paying out a massive insurance built. Something did happen.

[00:26:24] spk_0: Yeah, wow. That's that's engineering control.

[00:26:28] spk_1: Yeah, that's it. And to eliminate the hazard of the sauce and that's it. Yeah, definitely.

[00:26:34] spk_0: Do you find like, your mind always thinks of hazard control, hazard control or whatever you do hazard control. Exactly. I,

[00:26:42] spk_1: I'm always trying to, uh, see what's happening around.

[00:26:48] spk_0: And then being an instructor yourself, you're probably like, take a picture for me. Give me a picture. I could teach the class about this one.

[00:26:55] spk_1: Yeah, that's what I like to discuss. You know, talked with the group of mix and that's where you get to find out what's actually happening. Everybody's got story in safety have been touched by safety one way or another being a life event that affected the way that they perceived safety at work.

[00:27:16] spk_0: Yeah. Hey, that's you just got yourself a podcast right there. All you have to do is start talking to people about how safeties touch them at work, no matter what kind of industry. All right. There's a good conversation.

[00:27:30] spk_1: Yeah, good idea that one.

[00:27:32] spk_0: All right. I'm looking for the craig culvert show

[00:27:35] spk_1: uh the UK.

[00:27:40] spk_0: Uh there we go. Now. We're thinking now we got the mines in it. Yeah. So tell everybody how to reach out to you man, especially since you're out there and there's somebody needs to get some some consulting help and they're in your area. So tell them how to reach you and when like what area you're you're servicing.

[00:28:01] spk_1: Yeah. Well, I'm actually on linked in. What I tend to do is I've got a virtual phone number. So I've got like a little ray non geographical phone number. People can ring that on my business card and then I can point that to my mobile phone or found delivering training. I can have one of my office staff filled all my calls and take notes so I can drink that way or I can be reached via some of the companies actually used me as an associate. So I've got a colleagues that works very heavily in employment law. I get a little bit of trickle down work that way. So quite a lot of the clients, a lot of really do with somebody looking at the safety management systems contracts who do, you know, get recommendations from word of mouth as well.

[00:29:00] spk_0: Excellent. Is it the 9007 Number?

[00:29:04] spk_1: It is, yeah.

[00:29:06] spk_0: Go ahead. Get from general, your number in email. Go ahead.

[00:29:09] spk_1: Yeah, it's uh craig at see by op C B I O P dot co dot UK. That's my uh original business which was Before Calvert 50 management. He was business called. Come back in one piece. I was, yeah.

[00:29:33] spk_0: Um, five

[00:29:36] spk_1: injured and come back in one piece. Very

[00:29:39] spk_0: clever. So that was C B I O P dot co

[00:29:45] spk_1: dot UK. Yeah,

[00:29:47] spk_0: that UK. Other straight you have to do that extra extension. Yeah,

[00:29:50] spk_1: But now I've got that. But I've also got that. The main one is craig at Calvin safety. Mgt for management dot com.

[00:30:01] spk_0: Alright. And that number okay,

[00:30:09] spk_1: Yeah, so that links up with the I got

[00:30:12] spk_0: your buddy. Don't worry. I got, you

[00:30:15] spk_1: Know, Obama number actually ends in 007 is the safety number. 007.

[00:30:20] spk_0: Uh oh sweet. Like

[00:30:24] spk_1: Yeah, double 07 on the virtual number. In double 07 on my personal mobile number.

[00:30:30] spk_0: I'm catching a theme. That's great. Well, thanks so much for stopping. But I am hanging out with us.

[00:30:39] spk_1: Everyone. All

[00:30:41] spk_0: right, see

[00:30:42] spk_1: you right,

[00:30:44] spk_2: Welcome

[00:30:53] spk_0: back to the episode. Hopefully you guys have fun listening to craig and I tuck in a little bit about compliance and then also about some of the things happening across the pond. So we had a good time. It was a nice catch up for us if you guys are also interested in, let me know what safety consultants like around your neck of the woods, please reach out to me, uh, best way to reach me will always be Sheldon at Sheldon Promise dot com. And if you wanted to find out what's happening in my life, go to Sheldon premise dot com. Probably not my life, maybe more business anyway. And uh, for craig, you have to go to culvert safety management and it'll be culvert, C A L V E R T safety and then managing MGT dot com and that's going to get you where you need to be. All right. Hopefully you had a great time. I am really enjoying this. We are getting into so many different episodes right now. I'm getting into just trying to expand a little bit more with my uh, doing some of the interviews as I've done before and I really want to make sure that I'm reaching your needs. So if there's anything that you want me to catch up with or anything, please just let me know. Like to thank all you listening to me in Saudi Arabia Right now in Apple's chart. I'm 95 there. Those you're listening in South Africa. Thank you so much in my category. I'm number nine there in South Africa. United Arab Emirates UAE in the house. I am actually number 18 in my category over there and Nambia. Oh man, did I do that again? No, media. You guys are gonna have to give me like a nice little pronunciation, but you guys were just a phenomenal just week after week you can help me out and get me on the charts. So I really appreciate you guys over there. The apple chart as you know, is one of the big ones that everyone looks at in the US here in my reach. I'm Trying to get up a little bit more so if you can do that like and subscribe, they'll be awesome. But in the US in my area, I am 89 so I'm trying to get out there a little bit more. So if you can please go ahead and support the show, any questions that you may have regarding OSHA compliance, I want to let you know that summer break is gone. I am back to doing my OSHA compliance Help show it's going to be live streams Thursdays six p.m. Eastern Standard time. It's a thursday six PM Eastern Standard time. I do my OSHA compliance help show. So if you're really needs some help on the ocean side or just want to even get caught up with OSHA. The best way to do it is connected with me on linkedin and you'll look for linkedin dot com backslash in the backslash Sheldon primers and you'll be able to find me there. Or another way you could do is go to facebook and you want to join our group. So this one is going to be facebook dot com backslash groups with an s backslash safety consultant, no expert consultant. So once you do that, you're going to be asked three questions. This is just to make sure that you are not a pot. And the most important question is, do you agree to abide by the rules of the group? Please answer that should be answered yes. And once you do that, you'll be in. I do all the live streams to that facebook group as well as linkedin and twitch. If you do have twitch and you want to follow along On Thursdays at six, then go to backslash safety consultant and you'll be able to see the livestream. So overall I really had a great time. I want to thank craig again for being part of the show. Hopefully you guys will reach out to him if you're in that UK area and I am going to call it a day, maybe even a

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