Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#46: How To Discover And Use Your Natural INSTINCTS To Increase Velocity In Your Personal & Professional Life w/ Emily Melious
September 7, 2021
Many people have heard about the “cognitive” or the “affective” parts of the mind. Few have heard of the “conative” part of the mind, which looks beyond intelligence and emotions. Instead, it focuses on your innate and instinctive approach to taking action and solving problems. Here’s why that matters to YOU: If you’re not currently working in alignment with how your brain naturally likes to take action, it’s very likely dragging you down. But think about the opposite for a second: What if you knew exactly HOW your brain naturally likes to take action… and aligned your workflow with it? That’s what I talk about today with KOLBE expert, Emily Melious. After listening to today’s episode, you’ll discover how to use your natural instincts to increase velocity in your personal & professional life.