Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Sybil Minnelli - Being Beside Bardot
September 13, 2022
Sybil Minnelli is one of the stars of The Jean Bardot show, and has lived a life of adventure as her authentic self while balancing a family life of a different character. From public performances to private moments, we visit with this amazing personality in our second video version of the show.
Sybil says: **

I’m the luckiest gurl I know :)  I’ve been crossdressing part-time for 30-ish years, no interest in transitioning, but I would love it if I had more time to spend as Sybil.  I am happily married, hetero (or lesbian depending on point of view), and wifey is supportive of my CD activities.

Much of what I do is tied to Jean Bardot as she is as much a BFF as one could ever be, and I support Mistress Jean’s business ventures in a variety of ways.  Have you seen the Jean Bardot Show? Check it out on YouTube - it is one of our current projects we’ve been doing strictly for fun, and hopefully that comes through in the show.

You can find me fetish and drag themed nightclubs around town with friends, or maybe attending full scale fetish events as well, being surrounded by all types of kinky folk. I love fetishwear - latex, leather, lacy lingerie, corsets, stockings, garters, high heels... And BDSM (especially bondage!) is a huge kink of mine. I’ll take just about any opportunity I can get to spend time tied up, whether it is for fun or for a modeling job.

On occasion I teach crossdressing classes, I assist in teaching kink classes and sometimes I even produce fetish play parties.  I do stay busy, but if you can catch me, I’ll be glad to chat with you!