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#156: From Small Town To Creating Big Waves of MEASURABLE Impact w/ Braxton Kilgo
October 10, 2023
Braxton Kilgo grew up in May, Texas (population 285)... … and today he’s leading a movement that is impacting the world. Here’s the story: - In 2017, Braxton delivered a speech to 1,200 middle school students, gifting them "I Believe in You" stickers with the encouragement to pay it forward. The stickers went viral & sparked a wave of kindness throughout the school and community. - Braxton transformed the stickers into bracelets, designed to be worn until one is inspired to give them away. - The initiative quickly took off, with 16,000 bracelets sold across the US and 11 different countries. - The stories that emerged from these bracelets ranged from brightening days, empowering dreams, and even saving lives. - To seamlessly showcase these impactful experiences, each NFC-equipped bracelet allows users to connect their bracelet to the app, and add an inspiring message to the bracelet, creating a shared lineage of stories for everyone who has ever received that specific bracelet to see. I LOVE what Braxton is up to. He’s got a massive heart and I’m excited to give my bracelet away! To learn more about Braxton, visit