CEO Of Rented.Com Of ANDREW MCCONNELL AKA The Stoic Boss - S6E30 (#220)
Boss Uncaged
CEO Of Rented.Com Of ANDREW MCCONNELL AKA The Stoic Boss - S6E30 (#220)
December 12, 2023
“Other people aren't the problem. So it's not your clients, it's not your employee, it's not your family, your friends. Other people aren't the problem. That's not the problem. Other people are what they are. And so your job as a leader, your job as a CEO, your job as a founder is understand other people and to build knowing what they are, you're not going to change them. But you can change how your product, your service serves them, how they understand how it serves, understanding you're not changing people. You can change your product, how you do it, to meet them where they are. Wow.” In Season 6, Episode 30 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast, S.A. Grant sits down with The Stoic Boss Of ANDREW MCCONNELL.
Born in Birmingham, AL, raised in a neighborhood built on a former tobacco field, population ~50,000. Through Stoicism and Southern grit, I managed to graduate Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and University of Cambridge with honors, all while becoming a member of the USA Open Water Swimming National Team, and earning an international Bronze Medal in the process.

Entering the work world, I took a while to find my footing, bouncing from banker (Merrill Lynch), to attorney (Eversheds Sutherland), to consultant (McKinsey & Co.), before finally striking out on my own. By deploying the ancient philosophy of Stoicism, I eventually took the company I founded from less than $200,000 in revenue to nearly $10 million in under three years, a 50X increase. Rented is now a two-time Inc. 500 winner, and the growth continues. I have tracked my perilous journey as a regular contributor to Inc., Forbes, USA Today, Huffington Post, Betterment, Skift, and Curbed. I am a Board Member of Sheltering Arms—Georgia’s oldest nonprofit early childhood education program—as well as a founding Board Member of Atlanta Technology Leaders and a TechStars Mentor for Social Impact Startups. 

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CEO Of Rented.Com Of ANDREW MCCONNELL AKA The Stoic Boss - S6E30 (#220)

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