Talent hacks for scaleups
Ep: 14 - Ruth Penfold-Brown, It's time for HR teams to 'Bloom'
February 1, 2023
On February’s episode of Talent Hacks For Scale Ups, our host, Sophie Power hosted was joined by Ruth Penfold-Brown, the founder and creator of 'Bloom' the coaching platform that empowers women in the workplace to unapologetically claim their seat at the table and lead with confidence and authenticity. The two talk about how the pandemic helped up to encourage humanity in the workplace, the impact of a toxic workplace on mental health and how to deal with anxiety and procrastination, while building your 'confidence muscles'. As always, likes and comments are encouraged and feedback is always appreciated! Who would you like to see on our upcoming episodes? Check out our other episodes here: https://bit.ly/zincpodcast