6 Ways to Promote Your Event or Course
Safety Consultant with Sheldon Primus
6 Ways to Promote Your Event or Course
May 22, 2023
When it comes to selling a safety consulting course, it's essential to emphasize the value and benefits that the course provides to potential customers. Here are some tips on how to effectively sell your safety consulting course: Highlight the course's benefits, Show real-life examples, Emphasize the instructor's expertise, Offer customized solutions, Use digital marketing, Offer discounts and promotions. By following these tips, you can effectively sell your safety consulting course and help potential customers understand the value and benefits of your offering.
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Sheldon Primus: Welcome to the Safety Consultant podcast. I'm your host Sheldon Primus. It's the podcast where I teach you the business of being a safety consultant, we talk about OSHA compliance issues, we talk about general safety and health, but a lot about safety consulting as it is. Now, how are you doing? Hopefully everybody's doing ok over there. I'm doing good myself.  
Um, I am gonna focus today's episode on one aspect of our consulting business, and that consulting, that aspect of the consulting business is going to be your marketing. So today I'm considering this, uh, understanding of your marketing role in events and courses. This is the marketing side, the part that we don't always like. Quite honestly, I know that's the part that I'm like, yeah, give and take every now and then, so I gotta be honest. So, I've been doing it a lot more recently because I do have two events that I am working with.  
Uh, one event is with Mr Stan Smiley again. So Stan and I are gonna be working with a hydrogen sulfide train-to-trainer class, it's an international class and you can take it online three days in June. So for that one, go to primus.training. So what happens is you do the three day class and then after the three days, you will be certified for three years to be the trainer for the end user. So that means that you now can train, um, your people, such as if you work for an oil and gas company and now, uh you have x-amount of workers that need to be trained on oil and gas exposure to hydrogen sulfides. You now will know the hydrogen sulfide part, you’ll know the oil and gas part, because there's a lot of that in this class now, but it's not just oil and gas. Uh, so what this would do for you then, is for three years now, you can keep hosting these classes yourself. And now that's a source of revenue for us right, consultants. And so that's what we're gonna talk about today.  
But before we do, let's greet some of our buddies and pals from all over the country. So I'm gonna give you the list and this time it's from bCast.fm. Normally I give you guys a chartable list, this is a bCast list and that's uh where my hosting is for my podcast. So number one country on our list of listeners is gonna be the US, followed by Finland, followed by France, followed by Thailand, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Belgium. So that was, uh, listeners in a given period and I can't remember. Well, last three episodes. So that was uh last three episodes that you guys were getting your listen on. Thank you. Thank you, indeed. And so you guys, um, you rock. So let's see, oh, I uh also need to do the chartable one so we can know, uh as far as where am I on the list? Because I know for every country in different categories I kind of go up and down. So this just means this is, um, the sharing category. So if you like me and you want to see me grow in your market, then the best thing you could do to help me out, and this is 100% free, share it with a friend. So, truly tell somebody, man, I've been listening to this podcast, dude’s nuts! It's, you don’t have to tell them that part, let them figure that part out themselves. And uh and then honestly, that's the best way to, to keep me going.  
And so here's the, I gave you guys uh the countries from uh the uh bCast FM. So let's talk about the charts. So I actually just need to log into my chartable account. So, here I am on the charts. So, um I am, and this is from Apple Podcast, 46 in the government ranking in South Korea. Oh, man, awesome. Well, thank you everybody. Uh Saudi Arabia, I am outside of your ranking for the podcast ranking, so that means I'm outside at 200. That's where the rankings usually go, up to 200. Uh South Africa I am uh 171, awesome. Singapore 105, thank you. Chile 53. Wow. And  Senegal, I am 47 in your government podcast ranking. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. And so, and uh that is on the Apple Podcast and uh looks like in the global reach on chartable in the government section I'm at 150, in the US I am 127. All right. So there you go. I am gonna go ahead and pop some champagne and everybody out there, you did awesome. Thank you so much for listening and supporting the show, it means a lot to me. I know, um algorithms run our life, right? In safety we think about our total recordable injury rates and our days away, restricted transfer rates and our experience modification rates. You know, all those stuff that we have to think about that are just, uh, the scary stuff in safety. I gotta think about that stuff too with podcasts and ranking and all that stuff. So, thank you so much for helping me out there.  
All right. So let's get to the episode, uh, episode is I, I again did it. I asked ChatGPT a question and I said Oh, here's my question. I'll read it to you. I feel guilty. I mean, really for the using this for two episodes now, but I'm not gonna call it ChatGPT in the title like I did the last one. Uh, but I just found this really awesome. So you guys know that I have a safety course out there called Safety Consultant Blueprint. If you do not know that I have one, then uh there you go, Safety Consultant Blueprint, and the basis of that, and that's the domain name as well, safetyconsultantblueprint.com. Uh So, um this is basically how I learned my lessons, if you would. And I broke down the lessons, like my brain does, into its basic steps. Think of it as a JSA for starting a safety consulting business. All right. Uh So I, I analyze the steps of getting you started and then we talk about ways to grow your business, right? So, uh that's the course itself. So what I asked the question was, uh “what's the best way to sell your safety consulting course?” It didn't know that prompt of safety consulting course much. It actually does mention some of that in the response, which is really freaking me out. This, uh, experiment that I've been doing, I've been telling all my classes, you know, I'm just like experimenting with this ChatGPT thing right now because it could really, I believe has the potential to answer a lot of hazards. And right now I'm using it in a marketing function, but you could use it for any other functions, like have all kinds of questions. I even have a hazards and oil extraction and I asked it that and it gave me pretty good results. Uh, so anyway, here's my result coming back from that system. 
Uh it says, “when it comes to selling safety consulting courses, it's essential to emphasize the value and benefits that are, that the course provides to potential customers. Here are some tips on how to effectively sell your safety consulting course.” 
And literally, that is every response that I have been getting from the system starts with a little introduction to what they tell you, and then they break down the answers into like literal bullets or steps. And I'm getting like step number one here, “highlight the course benefit. Start by explaining why your course is beneficial for your audience, your target audience. Emphasize how the course can help individuals enhance their safety skills and knowledge and how it can help organizations comply with safety regulations, reduce accidents and improve productivity.” 
And look at that, question number one. Nailed it. That's the answer to number one, I should say. They really did pretty good on that one. So you're looking for benefits. And I found that out quite a bit early in my, uh, career with marketing is if you want to sell something, the worst thing you could do is just keep packing on the features and selling the features. Uh, features could be plenty, you know, feature of a, uh, a car could be, you know, oh yeah, and it's electric. That's a feature. Uh, if you're selling all the features, the people can't see it practically yet. So you have to show them the benefits because that's what the features are going to do anyway, right? They're supposed to give you a benefit of some sort. So um you're advertising, copy the wording that you put in your advertising or the message, should be more of what is this thing gonna benefit you?  
All right. Number two that came back in this uh query was, “show real life examples. Share real life examples on how the course has helped others. This can be form of, uh this can be in the form of case studies, testimonial, success stories. Uh This can help potential customers understand how the course could benefit them and their organization.” 
That's awesome. Hey, uh those of you that are listening that are past students, uh if you're interested in sending me some testimonials, real life examples of how um the course has helped you, um, go ahead and do that for me, that'd be awesome. Um, hey, I'm learning, you’re learning here at the same time. So might as well put this stuff in action, right? So here we go, we're gonna show real life examples in some way. So go find some happy clients, you probably don't want a testimonial from someone that's gonna give you a two star review. So find some happy clients and get them talking. 
Number three on our query comes back, “emphasize the instructor's expertise. Highlight the instructor's experience, expertise in the field of safety consulting.” Oh, they added safety consulting in this one, uh, “This can include their credentials, professional experience and any recognization they have received. Potential customers are more likely to trust an instructor who is well-credentialed and experienced.” Hm. All right, I didn't know. So you guys are gonna start seeing some ads with me talking about me.  
I actually didn't think that one through. So here's my thought process between, um, talking about the instructor and the instructor's expertise. I do see it when I have other companies I work for because they always tell me to send them a bio and then they put information of my bio in whatever I'm doing with that company. But when I'm doing my own promotion, I kind of shy away from that, I guess because I feel like it's too self-serving. So I don't know, maybe, uh, I have to revisit that and switch up the way I do some of my ads. So again, you guys on Facebook or whatever, Linkedin you’re about to see some changes in my ads.  
All right, number four says, “offer customized solutions. Offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of potential customers. This can include customizing the course content to meet their unique requirements or offer a 1-to-1 coaching or consulting services.” 
Ok. So I'm currently doing that. So that's, I guess, um, they're telling me to actually put that into the course somehow, like an add-on, and that's what I'm doing. So, those of you that have gone to a Safety Consultant Blueprint when you're at home listening to this podcast again, because the rules of the podcast is you can't look anything up while you're uh driving. Uh, So when you're at home, I should also add this to cycling and if you're on a moped, uh motorcycle, uh anything motorized right now, uh I guess we could add donkey. Yeah, don't look it up on a donkey, or a horse. Whatever is your mode of transportation right now. You're not looking this thing up until you're actually at home and you're able to focus in with it being like no hazards available. All right. So safety consultant, uh excuse me, Safety Consultant Blueprint, and you're gonna see, uh, dot com, and on that page you'll see the pricing. They have my customizable solution set up as a better, uh, good, better, best. Uh So that's my customizable solutions for those people who need some extra coaching, you know, not everybody will. So, uh that's why we give three ranges, so that you could get what you need. So my query comes back, uh, “This includes customizing the course content to meet their unique requirements or offering one on one coaching or consulting service, by providing tailored solution you can demonstrate that you understand their unique needs and are willing to work with them to meet their goals.” Well, not bad.  
Number five says use digital marketing. “Use digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media and content marketing to promote your course. You can also use online advertising to target potential customers based on their interest, demographics, and behavior”. 
Uh that is called pixeling. So you ever go to a site and then all of a sudden you're like, uh, Amazon or something similar in your country, when you're looking to purchase something online and then later on, you're just reading a regular story online and it's the exact same thing you're looking at at on the other site pops up on the text, or not the text, but basically there'll be some sort of visual ad that is gonna be on that page of exactly what you're looking at, you've been pixeled. So that's what that is in that, uh number five of this question that says, “you could advertise to targeted potential customer based of their interest demographics and behavior.” 
So pixeled is a literal one by one pixel code, uh, of worth of code. And that goes into your computer, uh In the past, we used to call them cookies, we don't really call them that anymore. Well, actually it's more than just cookies, it's got some more intelligence to it. Uh, so these pixels, this code, is gonna travel with you from what site to site you go on. So now if I were to purchase ad on Facebook or Google or whatever, uh then the next time that you visited my site, you get the pixel code or you, you know, this is how the system works, not just my site, my site actually is down right now because I'm teaching people how to build it back up. So it's terrible looking right now. But I'm just saying in general, this is what's happening. So you go to Amazon, or whatever, and you get the pixel code, uh into your cache where your memory is, and then now that you go to another site like Facebook or uh you go to Instagram or something similar and then you're looking at that same product again. So that's the second way the company can get you to uh to influence your purchase. So this is what ChatGPT in number five is telling us to do, to kind of use, uh digital marketing and also online advertising.  
And then the last one, number six says, “offer discounts and promotions. Offer discounts and promotions to incentivize potential customers to sign up for your course. This can include early bird discounts, group discounts or referral discounts.” 
All right. So, I do from time to time do discounts. I think it's time for me to get another one of those going probably pretty soon. So, um just keep an ear out. What I do know that I currently have a discount on is safetyconsultant.TV. So you go to safetyconsultant.TV, and then uh with safetyconsultant.TV, uh you'll be able to use the discount code SC101, and that's gonna give you actually a month free on the site. So there you go, ChatGPT, I did what you said. And then it end with saying, “by following these tips, you can effectively sell your safety consulting course and help potential customers understand the value and benefit of your offering.”  
So that's how they ended it. Not bad. Yeah, I'm, I'm a fan so I'm gonna try to put some of that stuff in action. I'm sharing it with you so you can start putting this stuff in action. So between the two of us, uh we got some action going on. All right. So, uh I gave you guys a bunch of things to look up, uh, safetyconsultant.TV, that's gonna give you uh the head start that you need in a visual queue for your safety consulting business. Um, so I got videos and we got downloadable materials and templates to start your company, all that safetyconsultant.TV and you're gonna put in code SC101. For the course, you're gonna get a safetyconsultantblueprint.com, choose one of the options that fits you and start your journey and get going. You know, it's time for those of you starting your events, now you got some, uh some ways to do your events. So go get ‘em. 
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