Art in Mayfair
Bob & Roberta Smith RA
June 16, 2023
Art in Mayfair is back for a sixth edition, showcasing four weeks of art, fashion and culture across the destination. From art flags across the destination, pop-up exhibitions. showcases, walks, talks and events from Bond Street and Savile Row to Mount Street from 12 June to 9 July. Art in Mayfair's podcast series, hosted by art critic Maeve Doyle, delves into the minds of the artists taking part, and uncovers some of the hidden stories behind the works. Tune in to find out how London art and fashion scene are thriving together.
In the first episode of Art In Mayfair 2023, host Maeve Doyle speaks to artist Bob & Roberta Smith RA - the artist behind this year's flags which is bringing a colourful splash to the streets around the Royal Academy.

He discusses the project, A Puzzle 4U, which plays with letter patterns and the construction of words and sentences.

Bob also shares stories from his childhood, the inspiration behind A Puzzle 4U and the story behind him setting up 'Art Party'  oh, and he also tells us the story of how he got his name.
A Puzzle 4U art flags fly above  Bond Street, North Audley Street, South Audley Street and Duke Street, for Art in Mayfair from 12 June - 9 July in partnership with the Royal Academy’ of Arts.

Head to the website for more on Art In Mayfair, and the Mayfair Sculpture Trail.