How to set up company meeting schedules that actually work
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How to set up company meeting schedules that actually work
May 21, 2021
In this episode, we talk about implementing a plan to keep your entire team on the same page with the long-term vision in sight.
Alright. I've wrapped up reading the book Traction by Geno Wickman and it's such an awesome book. I definitely recommend it. And we're going to be talking about one of the final things that I learned from this book that I think will be really helpful for you in your business. And it's how do you keep everyone on the same page. 

So the thing is as humans, we will hear things, we will listen to things, we will make goals, but we will forget them, especially if we are not reminded of them. And the thing is, life just happens, right? And when life happens, you start going off into different directions and different tangents. And what Gino wrote in his book is what he seems to find for the organizations that he's helped, every 90 days, the people that are in an organization, they will veer off track.

And he suggests that bringing people back on track requires these weekly pulse meetings and quarterly pulse meetings and also annual pulse meeting. So we'll cover what happens in each of these meetings in a few. But what we're trying to do is we're trying to just get everyone back on the same page, focus on our quarterly initiatives, and focus on the long-term vision. So for my company, the long-term vision, the 10-year goal is one billion lives touched. 

And the way we plan to do that is by helping startup founders build their list of customers and the more that we help startup founders do this, the more lives that we can touch and we are all about empowerment. So the motto at my company is Impact without Compromise. Now, how we are putting all of this together and making sure that everyone is on the same page is by implementing these pulse meetings. So there's a weekly pulse meeting, a quarterly leadership meeting, an annual leadership meeting, As well as a 90-day update meeting for your team. 

So for the leadership meetings, this is how it works. You have a weekly meeting pulse for your weekly meeting pulse. You want to make sure that you have it at the exact same time every single day, no one can miss this meeting unless they are on vacation or they're dead. So this meeting is an absolute. It's a 1.5-hour-long meeting. And in these 1.5 hours, what you're doing is you spend the first five minutes kind of getting everyone engaged and into the meeting, and then you start talking about the company's scorecard. So you see where you're at, how far you're going, etc. Then afterwards you briefly, so the company scorecard review that's like five minutes, the initial talk might be like five minutes or 10 minutes in now. We are talking about where we are with our quarterly initiatives and this is just a really quick check like are we on track or off track? And then that's another five minutes. And then after you talk about the quarterly initiatives, then you talk about the to-do list from the week prior. 

And for the to-do list, the same thing. Are you on track or are you off track? And this part of the meeting will be around 25 minutes. And then you spend the next 60 minutes talking about issues and you discuss the issues and you talk about what are some of the solutions for the issues. You come up with a new to-do list and you assign those out and this all happens within 60 minutes. And then the final five minutes of the meeting, you kind of just wrap up, you make sure that everyone has their assignments and they're good to go. 

So these are your weekly pulse meetings and it keeps everyone in check. So the way that we're using it in my company is we have our weekly post meetings on Monday mornings and it's an absolute must every single person in the leadership team needs to attend, which is pretty easy right now because we don't have that many people on the leadership team. So it's really easy. But I'm so happy that we are implementing these talks or these actions right now before we start growing because I know for a fact that the structure that we have in place is going to let me scale effortlessly. 

So we have these weekly meetings and then we also have our quarterly meeting scheduled. So our quarterly meetings, these are off-site, they are for about eight hours. And what you do in these meetings is you essentially create your new quarterly initiatives. And in this book, for your quarterly initiatives, your 90-day initiatives, he calls it rocks. And we chose to adopt the same term in my company as well. So everyone has the rocks, the leadership team. The company will have around 3-7 rocks for the quarter. The leadership team will have around 3-7 rocks for the quarter. And anyone outside of the leadership team, they will have 1-3 rocks that they have to manage and that's essentially it. 

So you come up with your quarterly meeting, you're getting everyone back on track and you're looking at the long-term vision of the company. And this will help you keep everyone on the same page instead of people just veering off into different tangents because things come up every single day. And then finally at the end of the year, you do have one annual meeting, your annual meeting is two days because one day will be spent just planning out the next year and then another day will be spent in planning out the next quarter. So that's your annual meeting. 

So this is one thing that we're implementing in my company to make sure that we keep every single person on the same page, we're not bearing away, we have the future in sight and everyone knows where we're going and how we're trying to get there and we are all working on this collaboratively. So I hope that helps. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom. Bam. I'm out. 

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