Profitable Passions
Want Dreams More Than Drama With Ana Natkins
November 9, 2020
Ana found herself needing to make a change from the corporate life to working from home, somewhat out of necessity and more out of being called to do something more. She wanted to use her creativity, knowledge, IT, and multi-passions to create a business that she could do something more. She found some coaching programs to move from the corporate life to the entrepreneur calling she was longing to listen to. She listened to other women that needed help and found her skills were what they needed. Her clients are female coaches and course creators who want to uplift other women and moms. She found her skills were a perfect fit for many women who have been drowning in all of the day-to-day tasks required to run a business. She was not afraid to try and had faith and now she helps others with many moving parts see the forest through the trees. And now she creates processes and procedures and jack of all trades and develops the backend and support systems you need. Common mistakes she's found in her business. Others believe that one person can do it all. Most of my clients believe they want a Tech Virtual Assistant or a general VA, when in fact they need an operations manager or someone to project manage their launch or set up their main systems so they aren't chasing their tail all the time.