Dating Kinky
What CAN matter: anything. What must matter: nothing.
February 11, 2022
ANYTHING can matter to someone. Nothing matters to everyone.
I'm in a lot of groups online. Many about ethical nonmonogamy, some about communication. Others about kink or dating or love. I even enjoy a few train wreck groups. 

I don't participate too much. Usually, the answers have already covered what I might want to say, or by the time I really think it through, it's an old thread. 

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This is one of those times. 

A week or two ago in a group focused on polyamory, some was asking about dating and sex, and wondered:

> "Does size matter?" 

You see, he and his wife were each other's firsts, and they were opening up, and he was a bit nervous. 

Which is 100% fair. 

Most of the answers were, "No, size doesn't matter to me." Which seems about right. A few people said things like "Well, anyone who cares is superficial." 

And that struck me as pretty gross. 

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