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Inspire It Forward (Susan Epstein)
March 11, 2022
For Susan Epstein, making it is about being fearless, seizing opportunities and inspiring others. Our unique gifts and interests will make every entrepreneurial path individually inspired, but success is never achieved alone. Grab a coach and listen in!
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     Susan Epstein is the founder of Highly Profitable Practice, a company that works with coaches, therapists and healers to fill their practices and leverage their time. Susan always knew she wanted to help and inspire others. Her journey to business ownership has taken her from social worker to author, speaker and inspirational leader. At every pivot and pause along the way, she looked to others for inspiration and guidance to help light her path.

     In this episode, Susan masterfully frames the reciprocal nature of inspiration and guidance. As inspiration calls us to action, and we fearlessly answer the call, we move in ways that inspire others. The whole incredible cycle rolls forward, gaining momentum and creating success for more people along the way. 

“There’s no shame in asking for help; the only shame is sitting in your own despair.”

“I didn't try to do this all by myself. I always have a coach in my life.”

– Susan Epstein

Susan Epstein, LCSW is an author, business coach and strategist working with coaches, therapists and healers to fill their practices and then leverage their time. She does this by offering Masterclasses, Masterminds, Group Coaching Programs and Individual Coaching. Susan coaches her clients to follow her model by focusing on taking consistent action,  eliminating distraction, finding their ONE THING and then focusing on constant reevaluation in order to hit their business goals.

Susan graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA where she earned a B.A. degree in Sociology and Spanish with a minor in Psychology. She pursued her M.S.W. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Social Welfare. She later completed training with the internationally accredited Coaches Training Institute.

After a 25-year career as a psychotherapist in private practice she launched her first coaching business. Susan was a pioneer in the Parent Coaching Industry and founded the Parent Coach Academy, a Parent Coach Certification Program. She has trained and certified hundreds of parenting coaches.  Susan later joined Christian Mickelsen's team and helped him reach $5mm by leading his Sales Team, Coach Team and Mastermind Groups.

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