The Six Percent Woes Pt. 1
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
The Six Percent Woes Pt. 1
February 15, 2021
In this episode I share an experience where I feel disconnected from others.
Today I was in a room full of third culture kids on Clubhouse, and it got me thinking everyone in that room, we've all been well-traveled. And our parents they're pretty much risk-takers because here they are traveling to new places when most people don't even leave their neighborhood. 

And in the book Hypomanic de Hypomanic Edge, the author points out that levels of hypomania are more prevalent in Canada, New Zealand and the U. S. And one of the reasons for that is these countries have high rates of immigration, and they also have better rates of entrepreneurship as a result. So I was a little excited, and as I started mentioning this thing about immigrants in the third Culture room, I figured that I might be able to relate some with relate a little bit more with some more people. 

However, what ended up happening is I read off the list of 20 traits that they discussed in the first chapter of the book in the book The Hypomanic Edge. And what happened is it didn't really resonate with many people. I don't know if it did or not, but those traits people seem to see them as negative traits, and that could be rightfully so. But in that room immediately felt disconnected from everyone else because it just seemed like no one else had these traits. And I had to remind myself that there's not that many people that actually do this. So what I was really hoping for is someone else would chime in and say, Yes, I've done exactly the same things like I've been super passionate and super obsessed and I have chased these things, you know, chase these dreams and had the same experiences, personal experiences. 

But that didn't really happen. A few of them, did resonate, but no one scored as high as I had scored. They would get maybe, like 15, 16, something like that, but nowhere, nowhere near 20 or 19, at least not in that group. Where you did see that number jumped, however, and of course, these are people self-selecting themselves was in a polymath group on Facebook. 

Most of the people that started in this Facebook group is really sailed. But when I asked that question and I posed a question and I wrote down all 20 traits,  a lot of people were quick to answer that. This describes them, so I wonder how much of it has to do with immigration and immigrants just being more risk-takers or something else. But this is definitely interesting, and I thought I would share and I will see you guys in the next episode. 

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