Feminine Pulse
When the Body Says No
April 16, 2024
In this episode of Feminine Pulse, we discuss the importance of listening to our bodies and decoding the language of our physical and emotional sensations. We share personal anecdotes and recommended books such as "The Body Keeps the Score" and "When the Body Says No". We emphasize the need to treat physical and emotional sensations equally and explore techniques such as breathwork and body communication. We encourage listeners to explore the wisdom of their own bodies and offer numerous resources and recommendations to start this journey. Overall, we gently remind everyone to connect with our bodies and treat ourselves with kindness and gentleness.
In this episode, Asmaa and Laura discuss the importance of listening to our bodies and the messages they are sending us. They dive deep into various methods and resources for understanding and interpreting bodily sensations, emotions, and trauma. Here's a summary of what was covered in the episode:

1. Trust Your Body and Soul
The episode begins with a powerful message that encourages us to trust our bodies and souls. This means paying attention to physical discomfort, emotions, and other signals that our bodies may be giving us. Ignoring these signals can lead to a host of health problems, so it's crucial that we learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

2. Understand the Language of the Body
The language of the body is not always verbal, and it can be challenging to decipher. But seeking medical advice and exploring the emotional components of physical issues can help us understand what our bodies are trying to tell us. They share resources like Donna Eden's Energy Medicine books and courses, which provide insights into balancing the body's emotions, achieving optimal health, and listening to what our bodies need.

3. Our Bodies Are Amazing Healing Machines
Our bodies want to heal, and it's our job to decipher the messages they give us. There are numerous books exploring the mind-body connection and the messages our body is sending us. Books like "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel van der Kolk, "When the Body Says No" and "The Cost of Hidden Stress" by Gabor Mate, and "The Body Mind Workbook" by Davy Shapiro offer information on different bodily pains and what they may indicate about our habits and behaviors.

4. Enjoy Time Alone for Self-Reflection
The speaker believes that spending time alone can be enjoyable and rewarding. Spending time alone allows for self-reflection and the opportunity to feel more aligned with oneself. It is important to listen to our body's reactions to different situations to identify when they feel a "hell yes" or a "no."

5. Pay Attention to Bodily Sensations
The episode emphasizes the importance of recognizing and understanding bodily sensations. Our bodies send us little signs, which can be missed if we are not mindful. The speaker shares a personal anecdote about how her body was telling her not to sign her condo, but her family pressured her to do so, causing her to later regret it. Misunderstanding these signals can lead to misinterpretations of what is happening in the body.

6. The Body's Communication System
We have significant body wisdom and a communication system that most are not aware of. There are clear signals when the body is saying "yes," such as excitement and heart racing. Still, signals that the body is saying "no" are often missed. Misunderstanding these signals can lead to misinterpretations of what is happening in the body.

7. Release Trauma
The body stores emotions and trauma, and if these are not dealt with, the body may let you know by manifesting other symptoms. It’s important to address both types of sensations consciously and equally and work on releasing any trauma. Therapies like breath work can be useful. Ask questions to your body to identify what's out of alignment and see if it's trying to tell us something.

In conclusion, in this episode, you will receive a wealth of valuable insights and resources for understanding and interpreting the messages our bodies send. We encourage everyone to explore the wisdom of their own bodies with kindness and gentleness throughout the process.

Timestamped Quotables

"Listen to Your Body": "Our bodies have a natural alert system, and sometimes we don't even get that it does."
— Laura Rubinstein [00:00:00 → 00:00:25]

The Importance of Listening to Your Body: "There's this big body wisdom and communication system that most of us are not even aware...when the body tries to say no, I think we miss most of those, and we just think it's something completely different than what really is happening."
— Asmâa Methqal [00:00:28 → 00:01:20]

The Importance of Listening to Your Body: "There are so many ways the body says no, and part of it is emotional and a part of it is physical. And so we'll feel feelings, like emotions, and then we'll feel physical sensations, and I think they should be treated pretty equally and consciously."
— Laura Rubinstein [00:01:20 → 00:02:23]

The Power of Introspection: "I'm going to start having a conversation with vertigo. I'm going to start having a conversation with my body. Like, why are you here? What are you trying to tell me?"
— Asmâa Methqal [00:02:23 → 00:04:33]

The Power of Breathwork: "The body stores emotions...And the more it stores that's not dealt with, then it starts poking out like it's punching from the inside out. It comes out in other ways."
— Laura Rubinstein [00:04:33 → 00:06:23]

The Importance of Listening to Your Body: "My body the whole time was saying, no, don't sign. I couldn't even hold the pen. That's how I was feeling, heavy. But I still did it out of pressure instead of listening to my body when it was telling me, so what do you think I felt after that? I felt frustrated and angry."
— Asmâa Methqal [00:06:23 → 00:09:10]

Using Resources to Explore the Wisdom of Your Body: "And I want to invite everybody to do this gently and kindly, even if it cost you $30,000. What a beautiful lesson to learn."
— Laura Rubinstein [00:09:10 → 00:10:17]

Trusting Your Body: "Our bodies are amazing healing machines. They want to heal. And you said it best. They give you the messages and then we have to figure out the puzzle."
— Laura Rubinstein [00:12:28 → 00:13:52]

"Body Scan: When does your body say hell yes?”  “Our invitation to all our listeners is to really scan your body and just identify when does your body says hell yes? And when your body says no."
— Asmâa Methqal [00:13:52 → 00:14:18]

The Importance of Listening to Our Bodies: 
"Listen so that we can have our bodies say yes instead of no."
— Laura Rubinstein [00:14:30 → 00:14:53]