How To Start A Podcast
How To Start A Video Podcast
May 26, 2021
This episode shares how to start a video podcast...
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How to start a video podcast. It's a great question, but the answer is actually very, very simple. The answer is that. The way you start a video podcast is exactly the same way. It was start an audio podcast. You need to understand exactly why you're doing this, what the name of the show is, what the position of the show is, who the guests will be, what the divine will be, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

As I have spoken about in a blog post holding below, and also in another episode in this series. So all of the same stuff applies. You still have to give a clear reason for why someone should subscribe. You still have to work really hard to make the audio content super valuable for a very specific persona.

And the whole video aspect comes in. Well, actually, if you're recording an audio podcast, you really should be recording video. Anyway, as, as an interview, if you're hosting the episodes, you need to see your guests. You need to look at your guests in a face to understand when they're being passionate, for example, or whether that question should be edited out.

And so I recommend always recording video and we recommend recording, uh, guest audio on zoom. So you have a zoom call essentially with video on you record that. You can also record your audio separately, locally on your machine with a tool called audacity it's free. So you get better quality audio and your.

Getting okay. Audio for the guests. You're not asking them to do anything complex cause you don't wanna, you don't wanna make the process too complicated for the guest. And so if you do that, then you can, and you're going to be recording audio. Now you're going to be recording audio and video, and then you can simply take the video file that you get from the zoom recording.

And you can upload that into YouTube, YouTube, if the core platform for. Uh, video podcast, uh, apple recently allowed video podcasts, but the, the, the consumption of video on apple podcasts is significantly lower than that on YouTube. And so you just need to have the ability to create a Payless, to create a YouTube channel and make sure that all of your episodes are uploaded there and they are tagged with relevant keywords.

You put relevant keywords in the title and description of course, to get that lovely inbound search traffic. Now, of course, it'd be cost once you you'll take the zoom audio. You'll. And there's in video, you will have to load the audio to be cast. And then what, because we'll do for you is, uh, send that audio along with a optimized thumbnail through to YouTube.

Uh, if you don't want to have the live video on YouTube, so you can choose, you can even have the video just with an image and the audio, or you can have the live video that's up to you. So, because we'll automatically put on the audio and that image, if you want the live video, you have to upload that separately.

So in summary, a video podcast or starting a video podcast is exactly the same process of starting an audio podcast. You are just publishing the video as well, which we actually recommend to all of our clients, to all of our B cast users is to. Actually produced the video as well. Typically not the live video, unless the, unless you're really serious about editing, but, but to definitely put the audio along with the image onto YouTube, because YouTube is growing massively really, really like great inbound first traffic.

So it's just basically extra exposure for your show, uh, for doing very little effort. Cause because we'll do that once domestically, I hope that helps. And I'll see you in the next episode.