Why do people follow a crazy Kanye West?
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Why do people follow a crazy Kanye West?
July 6, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the pros of building stories for your brand.
Why is there some people that absolutely love Kanye West while other people either don't care or really just don't care? I wouldn't say anyone just hates him, they might not like him. But more often if you ask whether they like him or not they would just say they don't care, they don't like them, right? And what makes it? So some people absolutely love him and some people just don't care. And I think the defining thing for Kanye is his storytelling. 

So if you've ever listened to Kanye West's first album, the very last track on his first album, he goes into the story of how he got into music, all of his different struggles, and especially if you've done anything in music before and you listen to that story, you feel invested in his story because, for one, it's relatable; two, he's being real as possible. He's talking about his struggles and it's not always just you know the straight and easy path, he's not saying that he was always talented and it was easy for him. No, he was much different from all these other rappers and it was difficult for him to be taken seriously because he would show up with a pink polo while others would be showing up with jerseys and this is a very relatable thing, right? 

Sometimes we want to get into circles where we might feel we're a little bit different and when Kanye is sharing his story it makes us feel like we can relate to them and not only can we relate to them, we listen to a story and we started getting invested into a story because one, it's a good story; two, as human beings, we typically want to see how story stories end and we want to see a happy ending. So for me personally, having listened to Kanye's pretty much every single album from start to finish and following all of his stories and that very first seed story from his very first album, I want Kanye to succeed. And I've been following the story for a little while and I see that you know he's gotten into trouble, he's done some really stupid things there are definitely even points where, when Kanye was being canceled for example for supporting Trump, there was a lot of things that made me even shake my head and say what is this guy doing? 

But even then, I never canceled Kanye, I'm still invested in his story and I still want to know what happens and I hope that he has a pretty good life and he ends up in a happy place where he's trying to go, maybe he'll never reach it, we don't know, but that's part of the entry, so been following his entire life. He started off making beats for people. He got his first chance with Jay Z and then after Jay Z, he even shared stories where he was going to new york and he was hanging out with john legend and all these other people and this is like the incubation period for Kanye West entire music circle. 

And it's really interesting and you want to see how this kind of ends, right? So Kanye, he just recently divorced Kim Kardashian, which was maybe a big mistake or not a big mistake. That's upper argument. There's a lot of things that he's doing and there's a lot of horrible choices he's made as well, right? There's no argument there. But the fact that we're all paying attention and we're investing into a story for the ones that actually heard his first album from front to back, I guarantee that most of those people; no, I would probably even wager to say that all those people if they're listening to the front to back, I mean that's a pretty good signal that they're pretty much into this artist. 

And they're getting invested into this story and it's very difficult for someone just to walk away from the story because we want to know how it ends. Before I was watching Game of Thrones. Um everyone and their mom was saying Game of Thrones this, Game of Thrones that, Game of Thrones was all over my Facebook feed and I would never pay attention to it because I never started. Why? Well first I don't even watch tv. So I never watched an episode or didn't even care. However one woman that I was dating at the time, she was really big into Game of Thrones and she shared the story with me and once she started sharing the story with me that got me intrigued. 

So I watched the first couple of episodes, I was actually a little bored, but she, I guess, motivated me to pay attention and keep going because I know the story was going to get better based on what she was telling me and my investment in the story actually made me want to watch Game of Thrones a little bit more. So if you're thinking about branding for your company or getting people to invest attitudinally, that's a new word, attitudinally into your company, then what you want to do is you want to get people invested in your story. And the first step to get people invested into your story is to craft a very compelling story. 

So there's a lot of resources on how you can do this. I would suggests checking out the Story Circle, where it talks about the full circle of how you start a story and end of story. And if you can use that framework to be able to establish your story, you will be able to get people to invest into your story, as well. And if you haven't heard me talk about Kanye West in previous episodes, I'm sure you probably have, the second most popular episode that I have is actually episode number six and I talked a little bit more about Kanye West in that episode, again, second most popular episode. So if you haven't checked that out, go check that out. This is Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out. 

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