Nutrition Heretic
Guest Heretic Heather Dane, Co-author Of The Bone Broth Secret
May 25, 2017
What was out 20 years ago is back with a vengeance and bone broth is leading the way. Even if you’ve never listened to this show before, you probably know that bone broth has been trending in health circles. I’ve been a huge fan of the stuff for decades and so have Heather Dane and Louise Hay, co-authors of the Bone Broth Secret. Listen in on today’s episode of the podcast as Heather shares the many benefits of broth, the controversies and the many ways you can incorporate it into your diet. Come back again next week when we continue talking with Heather about her 92 year old co-author Louise Hay of Hay House Publishing and her journey from vegetarianism to embracing the miracles of bone broth and how Louise always chooses the right dish in a restaurant.