Rock Your Retirement Show
The Positive Side of COVID-19 – Episode 223
April 20, 2020
Today we are still talking about COVID-19, but we are going to talk about the Blessings.  The world has certainly changed.  It might have permanently changed.  Our world as we knew it might never be the same.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s all bad. Instead of sitting around, gaining weight, feeling sorry for ourselves because we can't go to a restaurant, we can't see our friends, let's face it, there is a lot that we can't do.  I asked people to tell me what’s happened due to COVID-19, that is positive.  We'll go over some things that people are seeing, right here and now, that is positive coming out of this crisis. What are the Positive Sides for this COVID-19 Pandemic? I asked people what a positive thing has happened because of COVID-19 and I got a ton of answers!  I want to go over some of them now with you. First of all, pollution is down in many parts of the world.  Malika H agreed with me and said that there is now clean air and water for animals. But not just for animals!  When Les and I went to China, it had a yellow haze.  There are so many people who wore masks there, not necessarily because of illness, but because of pollution.  It was particularly bad when we went.  I remember we had gotten off the plane and we're riding a bus to get to our hotel. There was a tour director telling us about parts of the city.  I pointed at the moon and said how big and pretty it was.  She looked at me and said, that's not the moon, that's the sun.  Of course I was shocked!  And I wore my mask the entire trip.  Les didn't wear his, and as a result he wound up getting sick on that cruise two years ago.  When you are breathing in super polluted air, you are more likely to get sick. Nature is Healing Itself The skies cleared in China as people were on lockdown and then started to haze over again as factories reopened and people got back to work. We are all aware how polluted our environment has become that slowly depleted our nature. With the pollution from factories, cars, greenhouse emissions, carbon emissions that cause climate change, our planet has been seriously suffering for quite sometime now. As the global pandemic brought our way of life to an almost complete halt, it has given the Earth a chance to breathe just like us. China isn't the only place where the lock down has made a huge difference in Air pollution.  People in India can see the Himalayas for the first time in decades. COVID-19 Equals Less Traffic Several people talked about how much better people seem to be driving, if they are driving at all.  Tim B said that “nobody seems to be driving like a (bleep) on the highway. Beverly D is enjoying less traffic on the road. Joe G said that fewer people are dying in auto accidents. Mark D, Steve B, and Cheri C are enjoying less traffic! And Steve B also said he can always find parking now. Ryan mentioned that there are fewer cars on the road so it's easier to ride a bicycle. I've noticed how many more bicycles are out and about in my neighborhood.  I've seen the regular bikes, tricycles, and recumbent bikes out.  Bicycle use is exploding as people try to stay healthy.  We are lucky in the US in that we are not on total lockdown in most areas.  However, if you are in an area that doesn't allow you to ride your bike, I understand, it would be more difficult. King JS said that he's happy that there are less people outside.  He must live in a place where you aren't allowed to go outside and exercise like we are. More Animals are Coming Out Blake M posted a video that shows 70,000 endangered turtles were able to lay eggs on empty beaches.