Get Real About Business Podcast
#53: Creating and Marketing Online Courses for Passive Income
September 26, 2019
Do you have a process, knowledge or information that will help others solve a problem or meet a need? If so you can create a profitable online course out of it. Tom Libelt and Clive discuss what courses work well, provide a basic format for your online course and factors to consider when marketing it.

Online courses have become an essential method for how people learn in modern-day. Therefore, creating and selling courses online can be very profitable with many professionals achieving 6- and 7-figure incomes.

Whether you're looking to run a business purely based on online training or you're just looking for a new income stream, creating an online course could be a smart next step for your business.

The thought of creating an online course can be daunting. There is, after all, a lot of work to be done before you can "open the doors" and start making money from your online course. There are also a lot of things to consider:

For the answers to these questions and many more, I turn to online course marketing expert, Tom Libelt.

As you'll discover, online courses can be very profitable, but it's also easy to make mistakes. For example, some topics don't transition well to online training and some courses can end up overly complicated.

What I hope to do through this podcast episode is to inspire you to create a course of your own and do so in a way that avoids the pitfalls commonly associated with it.

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