Nutrition Heretic
Guest Heretic Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, Author of The Cholesterol Myths; What is Cholesterol; Why Do You Need It? What To Do With Statins
June 2, 2016
When the low cholesterol craze first hit his native country of Sweden, Dr. Uffe Ravnskov was outraged. As an Internist and Nephrologist, he knew that high cholesterol and heart disease were not historically a problem in Sweden. So why introduce these asinine rules to eating? He set out to study what he found to be the cherry picked data to support the cholesterol hypothesis, which led to him writing the outstanding book, The Cholesterol Myths.   Listen in as this 81 year old with hypercholesterolemia teaches us what cholesterol is, how necessary it is to every cell in the body, why it will protect you from both heart disease and cancer and how once we get rid of labels such as LDL and HDL, we realize that most of the questions we have about cholesterol are absolutely USELESS! Stay tuned to the end where you’ll even find out what to do with that statin drug prescription you just got from the doctor.