The Practice of Learning Teams
HOP Into Action Series - Part One - Principles, Fundamentals, The 4Ds and Leader Vunerability
July 27, 2023
Welcome to Season 4 and the 98th episode of the podcast series.
Hi Safety FM listeners, this is Brent Sutton, the host of the podcast series The Practice of Learning Teams.

We start a new series called HOP Into Action on today's podcast. Hopefully, the title of the series is self-explanatory.

I am joined by Jeff Lyth, Brent Robinson, Josh Bryant, and Diane Ah-Chan as a group of HOP and Learning Teams practitioners looking to make sense of putting HOP, Learning Teams, and the 4Ds into action for organizations to learn and improve.

Think of this series as a mini-learning. We have a theme for each episode, and we allow it to evolve or devolve organically.

So please sit back and enjoy this series of HOP into Action, sponsored by Safety Differently Merch, providers of curated merchandise befitting your safety differently journey.

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And don't forget, the book "The Practice of Learning Teams" and "4Ds for HOP and Learning Teams" is available in printed and Kindle editions on Amazon or from the author's website.