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Thriving in Retirement: Betsy's Update on Her First 4 Months of Retirement
September 11, 2023
In this episode of the Rock Your Retirement Show, Betsy makes a triumphant return to update host Kathe Kline on her exciting journey since retiring four months ago. From embarking on an exhilarating trip to Morocco to settling into the rhythm of retired life, Betsy shares her experiences and offers valuable insight into making the most of this newfound freedom. Adapting to retirement initially proved to be an adventure in itself, but Betsy quickly found her groove. She discusses the importance of keeping up with appointments, errands, and chores while still finding ample time for self-care and enjoyable activities. A typical day for Betsy involves relishing in a leisurely cup of coffee, engaging in a stimulating Wordle puzzle, and prioritizing her physical well-being through invigorating Pilates sessions or leisurely walks and bike rides. Ever the seeker of knowledge and enrichment, Betsy makes a point to incorporate intriguing experiences into her weekly routine. She recently attended a captivating photography class at the Apple store, where she delved into the art of capturing architectural wonders. Betsy generously shares helpful tips she acquired, such as utilizing grid lines, employing the rule of thirds composition, and exploring unique angles and reflections. Betsy's retirement also grants her the opportunity to devote quality time to her loved ones. She visits her mother-in-law at an assisted living facility, cherishing the moments shared together. Furthermore, she embraces learning Italian on the Babbel app, eagerly preparing for an upcoming trip to Italy. Betsy also reconnects with former colleagues and her boss, reinforcing her sheer contentment with the retirement lifestyle. Amidst her fulfilling activities, Betsy finds solace in simpler pleasures. From diving into captivating books to nurturing her garden, complete with homegrown vegetables, she revels in the tranquility of her own home. Despite her husband continuing to work, the beauty of his remote setup allows him to witness firsthand Betsy's radiant enjoyment of retirement. As the first four months of retirement pass by, it becomes abundantly clear that Betsy's enthusiasm and zest for life show no signs of wavering. Join us on this episode as Betsy reflects on her remarkable journey and imparts valuable wisdom on embracing the joys and endless possibilities that retirement brings.
In this episode, Betsy returns to the Rock Your Retirement Show podcast to give an update on her life since retiring four months ago. Initially, retirement felt unfamiliar as she embarked on a trip to Morocco. However, she now feels settled into her new retired lifestyle.

Betsy shares how she manages her time, mentioning regular appointments, errands, chores, and exercise as part of her routine. She also emphasizes the importance of incorporating fun activities into her days. A typical day for Betsy involves leisurely drinking coffee, solving Wordle puzzles, and engaging in physical activities such as Pilates classes, walks, or bike rides.

To keep things interesting, Betsy aims to participate in something new each week. Recently, she attended a free photography class at the Apple store, where she learned valuable tips on capturing architecture. She discusses using grid lines, the rule of thirds composition, unusual angles, and reflections to enhance her photography skills.

Outside of her personal pursuits, Betsy spends time with her mother-in-law at an assisted living facility and dedicates effort to learning Italian through the Babbel app for an upcoming trip to Italy. She also maintains connections with former colleagues and her boss, reinforcing her contentment with retirement.

Betsy enjoys reading, gardening with homegrown vegetables, and finding solace in the comforts of her home. Although her husband still works, he has the opportunity to witness Betsy's joyful retirement experience as he works from home.

In summary, Betsy expresses her delight with her first four months of retirement. She has embraced new activities, leisure time, and a sense of fulfillment that retirement has brought into her life. Betsy doesn't anticipate ever getting bored with retirement and looks forward to what the future holds.

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