Property Investory
James Paver - Landing a $1.1 Billion Project
September 21, 2020
James Paver is a very successful property developer and managing director of development, investment and services firm in the Sydney real estate market, Avenor. He established his company in 2016 and has been gradually growing his business and helping deliver projects in partnership with their investors. Join us in this episode of Property Investory to hear about his experiences traveling across Europe, the incredible story of how he juggled serving in the army and also university, how he was able to land a highly sought after job straight after university, a current project that he is working on with a client, how he started his own business, and much much more!
James Paver has quickly built his company over the past 4 years and is a leader in helping investors find the best deals available and delivering projects in partnership with them Sydney real estate.

In this episode of Property Investory we are continuing our chat with James Paver and delving into how he minimises risk when working on large projects, how he was able to kickstart his company in landing big projects, what the next 12 months can mean for his firm, and much much more!