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Jewels: The Making of a Woman
October 5, 2021
"The Making of a Woman' is the name of the book. Dallas Dominatrix and physique competitor Jewels is the author. It is a story of rising, falling and rising again as Jewels joins Hi There Catsuit
Recounted by Marlayna Glynn with an unflinchingly honest voice as real as the flawed people who populatedJewels’ world, The Making of a Woman is an unexpected memoir exploring the path less traveled. Childhood abuse and trauma powered an alcoholism that would nearly defeat Jewels. Yet Jewels’ assures us that even when we lose those things that give shape to our soul—belonging, the need for touch, and safety in our own home—we can go on to devise a new way of being that surpasses our childhood haunts.
"I’m thrilled to learn that my story is resonating with so many others,” said Jewels. 

Jewels is an author, speaker, and bodybuilder. After enduring an abusive childhood, Jewels decided to use her earlier trauma to enter recovery, sexually liberate herself, and enter the competitive world of bodybuilding.
Jewels hopes to inspire others to push forward no matter the challenges. She’s looking forward to competing this year in the NPC Figure Division at age 49 as an amateur bodybuilder competing for her (IFBB) pro card.

Jewels has had the honor of being a guest speaker on Keys and Anklets, a podcast focused on separating facts from fiction within often widely misunderstood lifestyles, the Pillow Talk with Venus crowd cast, another
podcast that focuses on female-led relationships, and a documentary of alternate lifestyles broadcasted in the UK. In addition, Jewels was recently featured on the Rex Andrew Show, Ethical Change Agency Podcast, Sexy
Lifestyle, ClitTalk, and Kink in the Chain Podcast to name a few.