Reduce Anxiety and Increase Motiviation with This Self-Care Practice
Coffee with Colleen Hammond
Reduce Anxiety and Increase Motiviation with This Self-Care Practice
September 19, 2022
There is one important task that will allow your mind to stay clear, plus it will fuel positivity and increase your mental health. For those reasons, this one activity should be at the top of your Self-Compassion to-do list, if not each day, then at least once a week. What is it? The simple act of decluttering. Decluttering can instantly reduce your stress and stimulate your brain to promote high productivity. In this episode of Coffee with Colleen, I’ll share the three scientifically backed things that happen in your brain when you declutter, and share a few tips on how your brain will benefit from decluttering starting today.
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Characteristics of Clutterers:
Make a habit of putting things off, also known as procrastination


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