The Master Sales Funnels Podcast
Episode 023: Finding Affiliate Marketing Opportunities
January 22, 2021
You may like the idea of selling other people's products and getting a cut of the sale, but where do you begin to get started in the world of affiliate marketing? In this episode we discuss some methods to get started.

In this episode:


Amazon Associates Central - Sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate!
Brandcycle - Get accepted into Brandcycle and get access to a ton of different brands all without needing further approval.
Impact Radius - Join this marketplace to access the ability to apply for one-on-one contracts with top and upcoming brands.
Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp (Affiliate Link) - Learn from 15 expert affiliate marketers on how they would make a living off of affiliate marketing in 100 days or less. FREE SUMMIT. Step-by-step plans!

Show Notes: