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The Kink Therapist - Sara Rosen
February 19, 2021
The Kink Therapist, Sara Rosen, joins the show to discuss her unique practice and the power of a kink positive therapist in a world where understanding is sometimes hard to find.
Sara Rosen is a queer affirming and kink aware sex therapist practicing at the Long Island Institute of Sex Therapy in New York. Sara is a licensed Social Worker with a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality, both degrees are from Widener University. Sara got into the sex industry at 18 when she started selling sex toys at an erotic boutique in New York City called Eve’s Garden. Sara quickly realized that she had a passion for helping people to understand, destigmatize and unlock their sexualities. As a therapist, Sara has a particular passion for supporting folks with fetishes, kinks, and alternative lifestyles.

Sara practices an eclectic therapeutic style. She utilizes a lively combination of psychodynamic, narrative, mindfulness relaxation, and queer-affirming therapies. Her interests and abilities span from addiction, depression, disability justice, sexual dysfunctions, desire discrepancies, and gender, and sexual orientation issues.

Sara  helps people to gain greater insight and confidence in their sexualities, and helps couples create and strengthen their relationships in and out of the bedroom.

 In addition to being a Sex Therapist, Sara is the lead curator and Director of Sales at That Drawer: an Erotic Boutique and Gender Expression shop operated solely by Sex Therapists. In addition to providing therapy, Sara has a gift for matching people with their perfect sex toy (it’s like a sixth sense of hers).

 In her personal life, Sara is an avid animal lover who is married to a Veterinarian. Sara has a passion for rescuing retired lab beagles, who are her own personal therapy dogs.

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