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SRT Extras 33 - Listing Optimization Between Walmart and Amazon - Michal Chapnick - Part 1
July 12, 2021
SRT Extras 33 - Listing Optimization Between Walmart and Amazon - Michal Chapnick - Part 1
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[00:00:01] spk_0: Welcome to the seller [00:00:02] spk_2: roundtable e commerce coaching [00:00:04] spk_1: and business strategies with and er not and amy Wiis [00:00:08] spk_0: mm my friend, my cal and we are going to talk about downtown to the big battle between amazon listings and walmart listings and wow, it's really cool that we can, I know many of you guys sell on walmart or you're interested in selling on walmart and you might be wondering what are the differences? So I would love to just make sure that my cal can introduce herself, I know that many of you have seen her around and in the amazing at home community, I always refer people to her if they want to get started on walmart, if they want to learn about wal mart. So why don't you tell everyone a little bit about you? [00:00:52] spk_1: Yes. [00:00:53] spk_0: Hi, I'm [00:00:54] spk_1: nice bigger with you. So yes, I'm hot kapnick who doesn't know me and I also have my own uh facebook group from walmart cellar where we help everybody starts on walmart. I'm selling on Walmart for more than three years and I think 2020 was the best year ever for Walmart. It was actually growing in 69 more than any e commerce out there. So definitely people paying attention now to walmart and and I hope we can guys help you today too. No, all the tips and tricks to make your listening amazing. So you guys can start selling successfully. [00:01:38] spk_0: Yeah, so we're going to be talking today about listing optimization between amazon versus wal mart and we're going to be talking about all the things you need to know. So your titles, your bullet points, your back end fields, all those types of things that you should be considering on amazon versus wal mart. And so me and Michael are just going to try and pour as much value into you guys as possible And we're going to get it out there. So I see 11 of you are watching right now and growing. Please say hello in the chat and let us know if you have questions about anything along the way and we're happy to answer them. Okay, so let's get started listing optimization amazon versus wal mart. The things we're going to go over today, we're going to talk about overall search engine optimization tips. We're going to talk about your title, your bullet points, your description, your photos, your back in fields, everything you need to know. Simon says Hola amigos and julie says, hi woman, [00:02:47] spk_1: julie, [00:02:48] spk_0: awesome. So let's go over some S E O I'm going to go first. I'm on the left side and left handed too. So you know, it just works out on the left side. We're going to talk about search engine optimization, best practices on amazon. First of all, finding your keywords on amazon, it's important to know what your main keywords are, that your customer is going to find your product under. So you want to overall you want to know what to customers search for on amazon. So get in the search bar and try to search for your product yourself and then use amazon and google keyword tools to prioritize those keywords by both search volume and relevancy to your product. Right? And then order of ranking. So on, amazon your title and your bullet points have the most have the highest ranking order in terms of search engine optimization. So whenever I'm writing a listing, whether it is a plus content or not, a plus content is where you can have that really nice web page looking description on your page, um and sometimes you don't have as much opportunity for optimization there. So in um whenever I'm writing and listening I try to make sure that I fit as much optimization as possible inside of my title and my bullet points no matter what. And then if I have a little bit of extra text in the description that I can play around with, I will as well as search terms, the search terms in the back end fields also kind of play along with that ranking there. Alright. Um as far as external search engine ranking, you should always write your listings on amazon to drink both on amazon and off of amazon. You don't just want to use amazon afterwards. You want to look at what is um Ranking on outside of Amazon as well because 65% of Amazon's traffic comes from search. So Amazon external traffic, excuse me. 51% of Amazon's traffic is direct, meaning people are going right to the web page looking for that product right? But of the external traffic, the 59% of external traffic, Um 65% of that comes from search. So why would you not want your listing to be optimized for search engines? Like Google, who owns 87% of the search traffic to pick it up? So you want to look at that as well. Um and then use the suggested search, that's the next bullet point here. Use the suggested search to kind of come up with keywords because that is how customers search as well. You want to search and optimize your listing, how customers search. So if you're searching for your product and you see those suggested searches, that's your best free keyword tool. It's giving you the order in which people search for a product. And in order for you to have a page one listing. If you do all of those things, you can very much have a page one listing, make sure you're sticking with keyword phrases and not just individual keywords and make sure you make sure you are looking at the suggested searches, make sure you're prioritizing your keywords and you'll do very well on amazon. Okay. There was a lot of information about overall S. E. O. We're going to dig deeper in a minute but I'm going to hand it over to me how to talk about uh walmart. [00:06:16] spk_1: Yes, so I'm not going to repeat what you said, but you know everything you said is really very similar to wal mart. Um Yes, you need to know your keywords or phrases, you need to know how to optimize it for your platform. So she was talking about amazon for walmart is different walmart algorithm and certain age and work a little bit different. So just if you know the differences, you can do much better work for creating a better optimized listing one thing. I want to say that it's very important that I see everybody is making that mistake is that they're just copy paste. They're listening from amazon to walmart. So if you really want to get a lot of traffic and make sure you're listening with optimized for walmart, don't do that, take the time and a little bit changes. It's really just a couple of tiny changes that you can do that, going to increase your chance that you're gonna rank higher on walmart. One of the things that wal mart is very, very, very specific about when about their guidelines is they asked specifically, hey, we want, you're listening to be unique to walmart. So there is a reason behind that. Another thing that is extremely important. As Amy said, all those marketplaces get a lot of traffic from searching agent, not everybody is going directly to walmart or to amazon, even though those websites have around, I know walmart have run a 40 also 43% direct traffic studying at walmart dot com, similar to amazon. But again, there's a lot of traffic coming from google and other certain agents. So when you optimize your listening, make sure also to do your research for google and just check your item, go to google and always make sure it's showing up in there. If he doesn't show up in there, it's been, there's things you can do um, and fix your listening to show up on certain agents google, not like amazon. So both of them running ads and you're gonna see a lot of time to search for your item and you're gonna see your ad on amazon or walmart. And amazon is limiting the quantity of the item he posed to google and wal mart is more generous. So everything you sell in walmart, You have more than 80% to show up on Google ads and get more traffic. So paying attention to those things, he's he's really going to help you get frank. Hi. [00:09:11] spk_0: All right. So, um, Simon says a quickie four or five years ago, it was not simple to set up walmart, is it as simple as opening an amazon account? So it's not our topic today. However, Simon, uh, Michael has really, really great training in her group, free training in her group selling on walmart. Um, as far as how to set it up, it's not hard to set up an account, but the way that you answer questions in your application could just qualify you and if you answer them not in the right way, you automatically get flagged and they just put you in this decline folder and that's what happened to me and I was declined for years and every time I would reapply would never hear anything back. And then finally I ended up having to get in touch with somebody who knew someone at walmart and they were able to manually corrected for me, but they told me that because I answered one question wrong in my application or one of their flag questions um that they automatically just put it in a decline folder. And every time you go to apply after that you get declined. So they had to manually take me out of that auto decline status. So it's important to follow McNall's rules of filling out your application on walmart. Don't just go fill out the application. Look at her rules. Look at her training. I have training in my group from her. So in amazing. At home, you can search for selling on walmart and you will see that training, that video training. So make sure that you guys are not only visiting Macau's resources because she's got them out there for you. But that you're following those instructions don't blindly apply because we don't want you to get declined. All right. Yeah. So our titles, So you're titles on amazon you really want to focus on your main keyword. Right? What I mean by this is don't try to sell everything to everyone. Right? If you think, well my water bottle could be for babies or moms or you know, it's for everyone. Well, it's not for babies. You know what I mean? Like make sure that you're focused not on the key word with the highest search volume. Like the tiniest little short tail keyword but really look for medium to long tail keywords that are very relevant to your product. Really focus on that. What page one do you want to be on? That's how I explain it. In my listing optimization Masterclass. What page one do you want to be on now? You might have to page ones that you want to be on and as long as they're related, that's okay. But you should really focus on that medium to long tail keyword. Page one that you want to be on from the start And really focus your title. Your first six words in your title on Amazon should have that keyword in it because that's a higher ranking factor for you organically being placed on that page one. I've had clients before, We're just changing their title to include those that exact keyword phrase that we wanted to be on page one for just changing their title and doing that triple their sales because it took them from page two or Page Street and immediately put them on page one. So you need to fit those keywords in there, you need to know what they are. I need to fit them in the first part of your title. Um, so highest ranking factor in indexing this, I mean, you know, when you first launched you, that's what the search engine reads first is your title. So those are the key words that are the most most important keywords in your entire listing, the ones that you put in your title. So that that's that's really kind of the guidelines for writing your title on amazon. What about wal mart? [00:13:10] spk_1: Yes. So titles. So, another thing I really want to mention about walmart walmart still, their catalog is not as pad as amazon. So that is such a huge benefit for you because you don't need to have the most amazing listing. You just need to follow the guidelines. And I think title is extremely, I think on walmart, I'm noticing that the title and some work you can do in the back end of your listening are so powerful. So even if you're a description and bullet points are not Have all the keywords and everything you're still gonna show up, you can still show up in the first page many times. I see a lot of listening in the first page that they don't have much description or listening is only because there is no other 50, similar item to them. There's maybe 10 or 20, so that's put you directly on the first page if you just have a really good title. So walmart has a very, very specific guidelines for your title. Once when I started doing the listening, the first thing, the biggest I really want to share with you guys is before you start doing any listening, first go and do your research for all the keyword and create like a list of keywords or how you want to call it a keyword. Band search terms have all that list and start from there and take your title and make sure in the first four words of your title, you have the most important a search term. That is actually your item, not just the key word is actually describing what is your item. Your title needs to be very clear and consistent. It cannot be just 10 keywords mixed together. People do that all the time. It might gonna work, it might not him. So the title is going like that. The guidelines say you have to start with the brand, you need to have your brand studying the title and then you need to mm define what it is. What are you selling? I'm going to give you example in a second and then if there is anything that specify anything, the quality, anything you want to add that is important with people going to use to search right there and then only in the end if there is a color they pack the inches and all these things. I see again all the time people studying with like two path or this is not a surged. People don't use that to search for the project. And again, the beginning of your title is so powerful. So don't waste those words on and relevant towards make sure you have the most relevant words. So let me just give you a small example. Um let's let's say you want to list a dove body wash. Right? So what people are gonna start mostly body wash. And if they like the brand, they're gonna search dove body wash. So the title, my title will start as dove body wash for sensitive skin. Then I define what it is. If somebody is looking for sensitive skin, body wash again, he's gonna find my listening and then in the end I will put one pack or two pac, eight ounce, anything else. That again, it's not extremely important. Put it in the end and that's it. I'm not going to add anything else to my title walmart. Like their titles not too long. Uh [00:16:55] spk_0: amazon very same things like most important keywords up front, make sure it actually is your product and not just best gifts for women, you know, like you really want to like what is it? And then then it's okay to [00:17:09] spk_1: put gifts [00:17:10] spk_0: For somebody or something. But um, but yeah, it's almost the same. The main difference with Amazon as you've got 200 characters for your title in some categories you're limited to 80, But but yeah, on Amazon you have up to 200, but only 150 of them show in search. So you want to, as you mentioned, help keep those really important kids. Yeah. [00:17:34] spk_1: Keep the most important. Think that defined adam or is the best search? The people using the search. Keep it in the beginning of your title. We have some good and bad examples. [00:17:49] spk_0: Yeah. So we're starting off with some bad examples. This is on amazon, it's a dog toy and literally the title has the brand name and the product name and nothing else. So I had to go pretty far down the pages to find this. Um and you could, I mean think of all the keywords that you could put in this. It's ultra tug, what tennis ball, dog toy, you know, tug of war dot toy, whatever it is. But they're missing this incredible opportunity to show up for so many searches and they're counting on the fact that people are only going to search for chuck it ultra tuck. Which is funny because you know they got a ton of ratings and their amazon's choice for dog tug of toy, which is really great, but they're missing opportunities to get even more sales. So And then what about your warmer one [00:18:51] spk_1: here? Yeah, I so agree. Like I can see it in like where is the dog dog toy? This is like the best search storm dark toy. They can be in the first page easily with just that little change. And I think you found it in page four or something, right? You need to go to page for. So yeah, that's exactly this is how you can get to page one. Just add the same with walmart. So again, with walmart, I still see a lot of bad listings in page one only because there's a lot of competition. So for me, when I create listing for walmart, it's taken me like maybe a day to maybe a week to be on the first page. And sometimes it's take me a day to be on the first page. On the top only because there's no other competition and I optimize it very well. So let's look at the walmart really bad example. So again, he start their title with four Pc. Even didn't put it right? He put it as P. S. C. I don't know what he's trying to say, but usually you can put four Pc, that's enough people to understand. It's for peace. Um, So again, he used the most un relevant word in the beginning of the title. There is no brand. The brand has to start the title. There is no brand. And and then um, and then you have some, you know, he's describing what it is and then you have the word combination that I still cannot understand whites there. And [00:20:24] spk_0: the thing is these are four separate tools as well. So um in this listing you could say gardening tool set and then you could do like a dash, you could do for peace and then you could say um what is that called? Like a rake? You know, you could give the actual names, you can do the keyword research for each tool in the set and give the actual names and you're going to show up in more searches. So somebody is just looking for a small hand shovel for the garden. Your listing is going to show up right now. It's not because all it says is flower planting shovel. Garden plastic handle. [00:20:59] spk_1: Exactly. So he's missing out. This title is really, really bad. I would definitely change it and I would start with the brand and then garden garden tool of garden tools. It doesn't matter one of those. And then you can use the other variation in your uh description or somewhere else. Yeah, [00:21:24] spk_0: it seems like a bad, bad attempt of just kind of keyword stuffing and then there's no separation between the words. So it's just like a lot of people do that on amazon to, there's just there's no like commas or anything, they're just like blah, they're just like spitting out of keywords and it doesn't really make any sense. So [00:21:42] spk_1: that's exactly yeah, so that's you're hurting yourself because a customer that's gonna read this title, it's not clear and consistent, he doesn't really understand what are you trying to sell him? Um So again, the title should follow the guidelines and being much more focused and like Amy said, describe each one of the tools would come and another thing very important and they don't want to say about titles. Guys on titles on walmart, you cannot put any kind of a heavens dashes, all kind of, you know, Karacan [00:22:16] spk_0: on amazon [00:22:16] spk_1: symbols, it's against the guidelines. So don't do that. Okay, the only thing you can put is a comma, but even that you don't have footage just make it nice and clear with no symbols. Not at all. [00:22:31] spk_0: Okay. But commas are okay. So if we if you do, if you have a longer title, but on Walmart you can only go up to what 70 characters. So now we want to give you guys some examples of some good titles or at least better titles. Right? I think all of us listing optimization, Nerds are always trying to perfect our titles. So I don't want to call it too good because you know, I always see improvements that can be made. So this one has started with their brand name on Amazon. You don't actually their style guidelines. Say not to start with the brand name, it says to put the brand name in the brand name field. They used to force the brand name in some categories, whether or not you put it at the front of your title. So nowadays, recently we did an update to our listening optimization master class. And we went back through and we looked at it and nowadays amazon does not tell you to put the brand name in the front of your title. However, yeah, I still think it's a good practice to put your brand name there, especially if you are building a brand that's important. Right? Um, So this one has its dog toys for aggressive chewers. It's specifically addressing that large breed there, even longer tail keyword there. So looking for large large breed dogs, very descriptive squeaky dog toys for medium to large dogs 100% natural rubber. So they're talking about, you know what it is now they're missing here. They could do a little bit better by explaining because this one has some unique textures here. They could explain the differentiator a little bit more. They might want to put alligator in there because that actually is a searched word for certain dog toys like So I would there are some improvements that could be made, but compared to the truck, it compared to the chuck it, tennis ball title, they really improved. So what about your title? [00:24:28] spk_1: Yeah, I want to say one more thing about your title. I would use the word green too, because that's that's a good word. [00:24:35] spk_0: Oh yeah, I agree. It is [00:24:36] spk_1: green yet bring the color. So if there is a space again, don't make it too long. If it's too long, avoid, you know, some things that are not extremely important, but if you have the space put the color color and definitely can help. Um Yes. So about my title. So again, I was trying to stay with the garden tools, I went to walmart and this is the product that showing up number two, So it's really on the top of the page, so it's really, really high because I think, I think another factories of course, you know when people buy it, you guys gonna get rank high, so you know that's one of the tips and tricks that can always help you for walmart and amazon as well. Um So what I like about this title there is short, it's nice, it's clean, it's short how we change it a little bit because it starts with the with the brand, that's that's perfect and then there's the numbers, I guess that's the item number or something, and then it says hammer stone, garden tool, five pieces. So how we doing little changes. Um after the centurion, I would put garden tools and then I would put um hammer stone for 85 if that's again the model and I will end up with five piece tool set, so I would add the word tool. Again sometimes I would add a word or another similar, so we put tool and then I put tools with end with S in the end, so that will help me. And again it's not the exact same word, but I'm not going to repeat it, repeat the same word Too many times but as long as it makes sense um I repeat award two times. [00:26:28] spk_0: I do the same thing. I try and for important key words, I try to use the plural and the singular. Like I was just writing a dispenser listing the other day and I did dispenser and dispensers and in PPC um plural als are recognized whether or not you actually bid on them, um whether or not you have that keyword uh in plural, the plural automatically recognized. But for ranking factors, it does help so you don't want to just repeat the same phrase over and over again. But in terms of like repeating related phrases as well as plural and singular. Yeah, it can be really, really good. So yeah, good tip. [00:27:13] spk_1: Thanks for tuning in to part one [00:27:14] spk_0: of this episode, join [00:27:16] spk_1: us every Tuesday at one PM pacific standard time for live Q. And A. And bonus content after the [00:27:21] spk_0: recording at cellar round [00:27:23] spk_1: table dot com, sponsored by the ultimate software tool for amazon sales and growth [00:27:28] spk_0: seller S C [00:27:29] spk_1: o dot com and amazing at home dot com.